hell week

I’m backkkkkk. Yes it has been awhile since I last posted (a full 5 days!). I have been extremely busy, had an amazing weekend, and am back to the grind. Hell week is about to begin and in no way am I looking forward to it. Starting tomorrow I am constantly busy, until Friday when I get to go home 🙂 Tomorrow I have a quiz in accounting, Wednesday a midterm in finance, Thursday a midterm (at 8am) in theology and a midterm in understanding lit. On top of all that work and meetings all week. On a better note…

This weekend has been amazing! My roommates threw me a surprise dinner at a new restaurant I’ve been dying to try! The Papermoon Diner was AWESOMEEEE! I had a feeling a little bit, but pushed it aside when everyone said they couldn’t come. Then when we got there and saw PJ’s car I was also a little confused, everything in the end added up. After that we came home to a delicious cookie cake that Liz made! Saturday was a fun filled day. As Annie and Liz woke up still drunk we decided we had to have a dance party at 9am, successful to say the least. At around noon we continued to drink and at 1:30 departed for the first lax game of the season. Congrats to Loyola for the 9-8 win over Navy. Naps were in store for everyone after the game and when we woke up no one was motivated to do anything. Pulling ourselves together we got ready and headed out for a night full of fun! Went out with a mission and within the first five minutes accomplished the mission so to say the least, I have a very fun successful and surprising weekend.

I guess we can move on to picture of the day! What day was I on? Thats right Day 12: a picture of something you love. This is a picture of people skiing because I LOVE to ski, and can’t wait to go skiing when I go home on Friday!

Well I believe that is all I have for you today, we will see if I have time to blog tomorrow. I probably will take a study break to fill you in.

bloggity bloggity blog

So I am newly obsessed with stumbleupon and I could probably stumble for hours, its ridiculous. I stumble upon TONS of recipes and I cannot wait to try the all!! So not a lot is going on, its currently 2:45am and I have an hour and 5 minutes left of work…best news ever! I FINALLY finished my paper on the book Frankenstein which really wasn’t about the book…but what ever. I am almost done with my accounting homework…a stress lifted off my shoulders. On the note of accounting, got our tests back. I will soon be visiting the academic advising office to get a change of major form…finance HERE I COME! Today I took a HUGE step in my growing up, forgetting, getting over and basically just being a better person. I am extremely proud of myself even if that sounds cocky. I’m over it.
Okay photo of day 11: a picture of something you hate. This is funny because earlier I was thinking of things that I hate and now I cannot even think about it. I guess the one thing I really hate is feet. I don’t care how nice your feet are…I know there are some out there, but seriously I hate feet…even my own. Therefore I am not going to upload a picture of feet because I just can’t stand it.

Love and Cheesecake (caramel turtle)

flashback to high school

Had a total flashback today when I blasted Hanson as I wrote a paper. Fan favorite is Penny and me. Made me miss junior year of high school and all my favorites 😦 I’m not sure why I used a smiley, I’m not even a fan of the smiley. Currently blasting Pink’s Fucking Perfect and Avril’s new hit What The Hell and wishing I was badass.
Apparently today is valentines day, I haven’t heard it from enough people yet….YA RIGHT. Who cares its a fake holiday where people get to eat lots of candy and hate life if they don’t have a special person. It really is the day Anna Howard Shaw was born and she was a huge part of the women’s suffrage movement. So to all you single people happy Anna Howard Shaw day, go out and do something fun….like serenade your friends, which is what I just did.
I finally finished my five page theology paper and it is actually decent (at least I hope so). The paper is exactly five full pages also which makes me feel real good about myself. Now I am just struggling with my stellar universe paper which isn’t doing to hot. The paper needs to be three pages double spaced and I only have half a page single spaced, so tomorrow will be interesting. Good thing I have to work 8 hours within a 12 hour period (4-8pm and midnight-4am).
I guess I will do another picture of the day even though I totally did one WAY early this morning. Oh well it never hurts to do another! So day 10: a picture of someone you do the most fucked up shit with.

This is a picture of Taylor and I. I mean we don’t do that many fucked up things together, but if I had to choose one person I would want to do lots of fucked up things with, it would be her! Since going to college we have become so much closer and I am really happy. When ever I need someone she is always there and helps me see both sides of things. I also live vicariously through her (I doubt she knows that though), and I feel that deserves fucked up things. I mean the last time we hung out we climbed over a fence ripped her jeans, my jeans, and my brand new $100 boots. She woke up with two pairs of underwear one and she had washed her face. I woke up with make all over from crying about my boots. HA I know pretty pathetic, but what ever I wouldn’t trade that night it was SO much fun and I cannot wait to return to UNH in a week and wreak more havoc with her! There is also so many things I wouldn’t have done with her…aka get my nose pierced and getting my tragus pierced (which will happen when I visit UNH next!!!)
Other than that no new shit is going down. I have to work tomorrow at 4pm and I am not looking forward to it, but I desperately need the money so I will survive. Newcastle here I come, prepare yourself!!!!
Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day world!!!

its 6:30am

So I’ve been at work since 4 am, and I am dragging. Extremely tired and I have absolutely NO motivation to do anything. Last night I watched the black swan and it was weird. I had heard great things about it and it was good, I just thought it was extremely weird and I would rather see Natalie Portman in No Strings Attached. In other news I am almost done with my five page theology paper, now all I am hoping for is no plagiarism. I mean I know I didn’t plagiarize, but I am always afraid it can be twisted against me. Today when I get off work at 8 I am going to do DAY 10 of Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. I am extremely happy for myself that I have ten days in a row worked out, she is still kicking my butt, but not as much. I can’t wait to move onto workout two tomorrow. So the photo of the day. I believe this is day 09: a picture of the person who has gotten you through the most.

This is a picture of my mom and I (its not the best, but I couldn’t find another one of just the two of us). It was taken in summer ’09. The reason I chose this picture is because my mom has gotten me through a lot. I would in no way be where I am today, not only as a person, but literally I would not be at Loyola if it wasn’t for her. She always pushed me when I was younger to do things I wanted and to strive for the best (I mean what parent doesn’t) but for some reason I feel like it just stuck with me. My mom has taught me what it was like to grow up, forcing me to babysit my siblings was one of the best things she could have done for me, even though I always dreaded it. The other best thing my mom did for me was send me to summer camp. I feel bad for every child that does not attend a summer camp, you are really missing out. Because of camp I learned to make friends, step out of my comfort zone, and learn to be on my own without my parents. I don’t know what I would do without my mom and I can tell you I don’t want to have to experience it either. Thanks mom!
In other news nothing is going on. It is now 7:05 am and I have 45 minutes left before I will be released. I may sneak out a little early because I do not feel well. Have a great week and I will be in touch!

the problems of evil and science with a moral control

So instead of being a normal college student, I am once again staying in doing something stupid. Tonight I will write my 5 page theology paper and my 3 page stellar universe paper. My life is extremely interesting if you can’t already tell. Right now I am currently taking a break from these papers as I have no idea what I want to write about….awesome. 

Quote of the day courtesy of Nicole Perone: 
‎”Next time you have butterflies in your stomach, be glad; that’s the sound of life knocking at your door – welcome it.”

Hibachi: that was interesting. Yummy food, creepy kid that sat next to erin. Very uncomfortable.

Nora loved her birthday gift, and I dropped the hint of what I want and I think it is safe to say I may be getting the Martha Stewart Cupcake Cookbook!!! MY LIFE WILL BE COMPLETE WITH THAT BOOK.

Okay picture of the day. Day 08: A picture that makes you laugh

This picture makes me laugh because it defines Liz and I. This picture was taken on Liz’s birthday night when we all went out to Murphys which was interesting. This year Liz and I have gotten to become really good friends and I am very glad. Overall I just love this picture and thinking back to how ridiculous we were acting makes me laugh.