flashback to high school

Had a total flashback today when I blasted Hanson as I wrote a paper. Fan favorite is Penny and me. Made me miss junior year of high school and all my favorites 😦 I’m not sure why I used a smiley, I’m not even a fan of the smiley. Currently blasting Pink’s Fucking Perfect and Avril’s new hit What The Hell and wishing I was badass.
Apparently today is valentines day, I haven’t heard it from enough people yet….YA RIGHT. Who cares its a fake holiday where people get to eat lots of candy and hate life if they don’t have a special person. It really is the day Anna Howard Shaw was born and she was a huge part of the women’s suffrage movement. So to all you single people happy Anna Howard Shaw day, go out and do something fun….like serenade your friends, which is what I just did.
I finally finished my five page theology paper and it is actually decent (at least I hope so). The paper is exactly five full pages also which makes me feel real good about myself. Now I am just struggling with my stellar universe paper which isn’t doing to hot. The paper needs to be three pages double spaced and I only have half a page single spaced, so tomorrow will be interesting. Good thing I have to work 8 hours within a 12 hour period (4-8pm and midnight-4am).
I guess I will do another picture of the day even though I totally did one WAY early this morning. Oh well it never hurts to do another! So day 10: a picture of someone you do the most fucked up shit with.

This is a picture of Taylor and I. I mean we don’t do that many fucked up things together, but if I had to choose one person I would want to do lots of fucked up things with, it would be her! Since going to college we have become so much closer and I am really happy. When ever I need someone she is always there and helps me see both sides of things. I also live vicariously through her (I doubt she knows that though), and I feel that deserves fucked up things. I mean the last time we hung out we climbed over a fence ripped her jeans, my jeans, and my brand new $100 boots. She woke up with two pairs of underwear one and she had washed her face. I woke up with make all over from crying about my boots. HA I know pretty pathetic, but what ever I wouldn’t trade that night it was SO much fun and I cannot wait to return to UNH in a week and wreak more havoc with her! There is also so many things I wouldn’t have done with her…aka get my nose pierced and getting my tragus pierced (which will happen when I visit UNH next!!!)
Other than that no new shit is going down. I have to work tomorrow at 4pm and I am not looking forward to it, but I desperately need the money so I will survive. Newcastle here I come, prepare yourself!!!!
Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day world!!!

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