Club W

Friday we decided to have a low key night at home. I mean it’s not that out of the ordinary, but it was nice to know after a long week we would just be chilling out on our couch. It was like Christmas at work and home for the past two days. I had a lot of packages coming and they all came yesterday and today! Sara and I ordered the 3-day Refresh through Beachbody and so we spent a significant amount of time reading all about it after we got home from work. Around 7ish we started to get hungry and I remembered I had pizza dough in the pantry we could make. Unfortunately the dough didn’t come out as nice as usual, but we ended up making pepperoni pizza. It was delicious as usual. To wash the pizza down we opened up one of our Club W wines – Full Sleeve.


When I picked the three wines for my Club W box I chose wines based on their label. Yeah I know “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” but the wine was actually really good. It is a red blend and was very smooth. Sara and I enjoyed the wine and if I saw it in stores I would probably pick it up again. The other two bottles i bought were also red blends. I guess I just have a thing for red blends. I am looking forward to breaking into those in the coming weeks. Club W is a monthly subscription box, but you can skip any month or cancel at any time. I’ve already decided to skip my next month because I know I won’t drink the other two bottles before it’s time to order the next box. I will however get another box in June/July and I am really looking forward to that! If you are an avid wine drinker you should give Club W a try!!


Things I’m Loving Friday

I feel like there are about a billion things I’ve been loving since I put down this little blog a year ago.

1. Still riding the Stitch Fix train. I used to get a box whenever I felt like it, but I ended up signing up for monthly boxes and it’s nice to get a surprise in the mail every month. Plus I hate going to the mall (unless there is a LOFT) so it says me time and crankiness if I just get it delivered. Since I’ve been getting it monthly I’ve found some awesome staples for my closet and I’ve now had the same stylist for four boxes. I feel like she has really gotten to know my style and nails it every month with the clothes she picks for me.

2. Fabletics, oh fabletics how you have ruined me. I signed up for fabletics in early December after having read a ton about it. I did my research and decided it might be a good option for me because at the time I was going to the gym regularly. I figured hey if I’m buying new workout clothes I better be sporting them at the gym. Well I’m still loving it and every month I say I am going to skip a month because I don’t need anything and then they come out with the coolest patterns. You win Fabletics. OH and Kate Hudson is cofounder, she is just so cool.

3. Club W – a subscription box for wine?? SIGN ME UP. Anyone who knows me knows I love a good wine. I don’t know there is just something so nice about opening a bottle of wine on Friday night and just hanging out on the couch. As you can see Sara and I lead quite the exciting life. I got my first box of Club W wine this past week after a co-worker had sent me a link knowing I would love it. We are going to dig into the first bottle of wine tonight, so I will let you all know how it goes! I am really looking forward to it. I have already skipped next month because I know I don’t need that much wine, but who knows maybe something will spark my interest.

4. Spring time. It is finally spring in Baltimore and I couldn’t be any happier. We can finally go out for walks along the water or basically just be outside for long periods of time. It hasn’t gotten unbearably hot yet and I know it is coming soon. So I am trying to soak up as much warm, but not too warm, weather by being outside a lot. It helps our friends moved in a couple of blocks away and have a roof top deck. They moved in this past weekend and we’ve already eaten dinner on the roof. I will be sad if we move far away from them and it’s a pain to walk to their house.

5. Vacations. They are coming. I can just see them. I have off next Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to celebrate my brothers confirmation on Thursday night. I am going to be his sponsor and am basically just SO excited to see my family. I haven’t seen any of my family that lives in NH since Christmas so its been a long time coming. Then the week after I am going home AGAIN for Memorial Day and of course get to spend time with Mary. It is rough having one of your best friends live so far away so I try to soak up as much friend time as possible whenever we can.

If you can’t tell I am easing myself back into this blogging thing. One past last week, one post this week. Maybe next week we will have two posts!