hell week

I’m backkkkkk. Yes it has been awhile since I last posted (a full 5 days!). I have been extremely busy, had an amazing weekend, and am back to the grind. Hell week is about to begin and in no way am I looking forward to it. Starting tomorrow I am constantly busy, until Friday when I get to go home 🙂 Tomorrow I have a quiz in accounting, Wednesday a midterm in finance, Thursday a midterm (at 8am) in theology and a midterm in understanding lit. On top of all that work and meetings all week. On a better note…

This weekend has been amazing! My roommates threw me a surprise dinner at a new restaurant I’ve been dying to try! The Papermoon Diner was AWESOMEEEE! I had a feeling a little bit, but pushed it aside when everyone said they couldn’t come. Then when we got there and saw PJ’s car I was also a little confused, everything in the end added up. After that we came home to a delicious cookie cake that Liz made! Saturday was a fun filled day. As Annie and Liz woke up still drunk we decided we had to have a dance party at 9am, successful to say the least. At around noon we continued to drink and at 1:30 departed for the first lax game of the season. Congrats to Loyola for the 9-8 win over Navy. Naps were in store for everyone after the game and when we woke up no one was motivated to do anything. Pulling ourselves together we got ready and headed out for a night full of fun! Went out with a mission and within the first five minutes accomplished the mission so to say the least, I have a very fun successful and surprising weekend.

I guess we can move on to picture of the day! What day was I on? Thats right Day 12: a picture of something you love. This is a picture of people skiing because I LOVE to ski, and can’t wait to go skiing when I go home on Friday!

Well I believe that is all I have for you today, we will see if I have time to blog tomorrow. I probably will take a study break to fill you in.

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