five things friday

1. this article: possibly story of my life last year. Ohhhh residents.

2. this article: two of my favorite shows all wrapped up in one? I think I’ve watched the complete FNL series three or four times..I don’t hate.

3. This picture


4. this awesome burlap picture: I have been loving up on etsy like nobodies business. I have been searching for something to add to my bare wall and I may have found it.

5. if you watched the OC and Gossip Girl this article is perfect.


One of those weeks

You know how you sometimes have “one of those weeks?” Well I have been having one of those weeks for about a month now. Mostly in relation to work, my social life has been soaring (I mean anything more than before is soaring because it was nonexistent).

I know that I am still so new at work and everyday I learn something new and build on what I already know. That is part of the reason I enjoy work so much. But recently I have been working “non-core” at work. We have our core business which is most of the work we do and then the non-core, which a few people get to work on. I am fortunate enough that I get to work on this non-core work because it means I am learning even more. But sometimes I feel like it is all going right over my head. Or it goes in one ear and out the other, not intentionally at all, but I just feel like I can’t pick it up.

Last week I came home from work one day and told Sara that I know I worked on stuff all day, but I felt like I didn’t get anything accomplished. Nothing was going right and I was running into issues with everything I picked up. It just felt so defeating. I know I am not the only one going through this, but it just sucks sometimes.

I just keep waiting for that day when it all just clicks. Hopefully that day is soon!

Marvelous Monday #2

I’m sticking with the Marvelous Monday trend here again this week except I’m going to throw in some not so marvelous things.

Marvelous is… spending time with friends on Saturday night.

Marvelous is… the snow melting.

Not so marvelous is… people being rude and anonymously harassing / sending things that are completely unnecessary. I’m not sure when people will learn that it always comes back to bite them in the butt. Nothing is anonymous in this world anymore, example one….three hundred views on my blog in one day.

Marvelous is… buffalo chicken dip. I’ve had the ingredients on hand for a while, but decided to finally make it on Sunday.

Marvelous is… I am getting WAY better at parallel parking, I even kind of enjoy it.

Not so marvelous is… finding out I need to get some work done on my transmission, I can’t catch a break.

Marvelous is… the countdown to my birthday (yes I’m vain…I’m over it).

Marvelous is… spending Sunday in bed reading, catching up on shows, and doing some laundry.

Things have been pretty marvelous around here for a while. I tend to feel like I have two really good days and then a day where nothing goes right. I just keep chugging alone hoping one day it won’t be like that.

Hump Day

You know that day right in the middle of the week, people start to get excited that the weekend is close. Oh Wednesdayssssss. To perk up your hump day here are some funny pictures I’ve been seeing around the interwebs recently. MjAxNC02MDg4NTU4Njk1YThiMTU0_52cad3ac6a73c 1770446911d22852717666dc15271c2b Screen-shot-2014-01-29-at-2.59.32-PM 2daae42aee89e351d0d355cbeb3dbf3a 2ada2cb5bb15d0d8e347f551c62da0ea

Marvelous Monday

So I’ve seen a ton of bloggers do Marvelous Monday and I thought I would jump on the bandwagon!

Marvelous is… chocolate milk. Lame I know, this past week at work we had a talent show for all the new hires and interns. I am talentless, so I decided to create a talent centered around one of my favorite beverages (wine probably wouldn’t have been professional). I bought three different kinds of chocolate milk; powder, syrup, store bought and I was going to be able to tell them apart. Good new is, I could!

Marvelous is…compliments on shoes. I bought these shoes my sophomore year in high school at Payless and haven’t worn them in forever. They are the perfect height and easy enough to walk in. Not to toot my own horn, but everyone I met Saturday night complimented them.

Marvelous is… parallel parking like a boss. I am notorious for driving around for 20 minutes trying to find a space that I don’t have to squeeze into. Well earlier this week I didn’t feel like driving around for hours so I just bit the bullet, I knew the space was large enough and just went for it. I was so close to the curb and it was quite impressive.

Marvelous is… happy hour after work. One of our larger deadlines is coming up at the end of the week and a bunch of people left work around 7:45 on Friday to head to the bar across the street for happy hour. It was a nice stress release and the perfect way to start winding down, except we all had to be in the office on Saturday morning 😉

Marvelous is… plane tickets. I bought plane tickets for Easter and then I just bought some tickets to go home in May for Memorial Day and my 5 year high school reunion…say what 5 years! I am starting to feel old.