Today’s the Day!!

Today’s the day, the day my roommate and I can move into our new apartment…wahooo!! I am sad to be leaving my aunt and uncles house. As I finish my final projects for my classes I am ecstatic. I wish I was completely done already so I could throw all my stuff in the car and head out. Although I am happy to get into my new place (it feels like this process has taken forever) I am going to miss my routine here at my aunt and uncles. I am excited to get another weekend with them though. Friday night we are headed to the movies and then Saturday we head to CT for a family get together.

I am also looking forward to tomorrow. THE LAST DAY OF CLASSES!! I have been looking forward to this day all summer. Right after graduation classes started up so I had no time to take a break. It will be nice to get a little break, although studying for the CPA starts next Monday. UHMPH. It is a never ending cycle, but this is life.


I swear I could write a book with the stuff my cousins say. Sometimes they are just hilarious. Last week my aunt and uncle asked me to pick up my cousins from daycare so they could enjoy a date. I gladly excepted and knew the first thing out of my 7-year-old cousins mouth would be, “can we play monopoly?” I was right, the minute I walked into his room that’s what he asked. I told him I had a surprise for them and we could play when we got home. We got the other one and headed to the car. When we got to the car I told them we were going to McDanks for dinner and Baskin Robbins (courtesy of a BOGO coupon) for dessert. They were thrilled, I mean what kid doesn’t love McDonalds and ice cream.

Not five minutes after we sit down the youngest one says he has to pee. Uh what, can’t you hold it?? NOPE. So we had to pack all our food up and head to the bathroom. He wanted to go to the boy’s room I was mean and made him go to the girls, hey I wasn’t gonna let him go in by himself and I was not going to leave his brother sitting by himself at the table. I guess that’s what it’s like to go out with only one parent and multiple children.

So they finished their meal when we hopped back in the car and we headed for ice cream. After ordering all our cones we found a table and got to eating. The youngest looks at me and says “this is the best day ever.” Gee thanks kid I barely did anything, plus I was just happy I got to put off Monoploly for a while 😉 We finished our ice creams, wiped our faces (that was mostly the 5-year-old) and hopped back in the car.

On our car ride home (mind you it was only 5 minutes…MAX) I was asked about the house I was going to move into. After the conversation the other night about it I figured they might ask to come visit. NOPE! I was asked if I would have toys for my kids. UH HOLD UP. There will be no children there, just me and my roommate. Then they say well when you have kids will you have toys for them. First step boyfriend. I said if I had kids yes I would have toys for them, but who knew if I would have kids. They said I would, then I said I needed a husband before I had kids. They also said I would have one of those, phew that’s a relief thanks for the insight kids!

Finally we arrived home and it was monopoly time. Every time we play this game it lasts hours, I am not even kidding. 2.5 hours is our average, sometimes more, sometimes less. It is brutal. I have figured out how to win easily, but when I do it isn’t a pretty sight. One time I was yelled at, hey if you don’t want to play with me again that’s fine it frees up 2.5 hours of my time on Fridays and Saturdays. Yes the weekend, when I first moved in we were playing everyday I couldn’t take it, I had to limit it to two days a week when I wasn’t getting home from school exhausted. This has worked out well. Well that’s about it for the children’s stories.

Sorry for the rambling mess.


It’s FRIDAY 🙂 I am thrilled…kind of. By that I mean I am using this day as a normal “school day” and will be working on my final papers. EW. I have two 3000 word essays due next week; one Tuesday and one Thursday. I also have to make presentations on these papers so I can present them in class. I am so sick of presentations, last week I had two in one class period. I probably spent an hour and a half presenting…my class period is 3 hours long! Oh well that is life. In my third class I have a website to build, it is coming out horribly so I am really looking forward to that (read: sarcasm).

Other than staring at my computer screen, taking 10 minute facebook breaks, and drinking my dunks I have no plans for the rest of today or this weekend. My life shall revolve around school work and starting to pack. Yup you read that right. In less than a week I’ll be moving into my apartment!!! I am SO pumped, everyday my roommate texts me with a countdown, I love it. Since my last day of classes is also move in day I plan to pack my car up the day before full of stuff. Then book it down to my apartment after class, unpack quickly, then grab dinner with my roommate for our first night in our own apartment! I will still have some stuff at my aunt and uncles because I am headed to CT with them for the weekend next weekend so I know I will be back on Monday to bring the rest of my stuff to my apartment. Here is a picture of our lovely curb appeal (again sarcasm), but didn’t anyone ever tell you not to judge a book by its cover!? Although I do judge books by their cover, the inside of this apartment makes up for any lack of curb appeal. I will show more pictures of the inside, but not until we move some stuff in!


It seems unreal. The summer has flown by and although July had been a horrible month for me (I keep waiting for something to go wrong) I am ready to move on. I am beyond thankful for my family and their generosity they have helped me through so much this summer and I am glad I got to spend two months hanging out with my cousins everyday. Yesterday night before bed my 7-year-old cousin came in my room and asked if I had found a house to live in, when I told him I had and was moving out next week he sulked away from my room into his. I feel bad, I shall miss them, but lucky for them I am only an hour away so I can come bug them whenever!

On a totally side note, the book page was updated. I read too fast and too much. I just get hooked and can’t stop. My mom just loaned me some books through Amazon, but I know if I start reading I won’t stop and I need to finish these papers. Unfortunately they won’t write themselves.

Long time no chat

Sorry it has been a week since I’ve checked in. Last week was packed with lots of homework, visiting the apartment, and lots of relaxing. I did however manage to read an entire series of books. SAY WHATTT. It wasn’t that hard, they were pretty standard beach reads. They were called the Sweethaven Series and I have added them to the Book Page. When I was home for the 4th my friends and I got together and traded books. They gave me a least ten so I am slowly working my way through them right now. I am currently reading Crazy Little Things by Tracy Brogan and it is hilarious. I find myself laughing out loud multiple times throughout each chapter.

Today I am off to start my term papers..maybe. I have two more weeks of classes, four full periods left! To top it off tomorrow is a field trip and I don’t have to be at school until 10am!!! Praise the lord, I can sleep in a little bit. Although that is very unlikely since my body wakes me up naturally between 6:45am-7:15am. I cannot wait to be done with classes and enjoy the rest of my summer before working full-time starts.

Farm to Table

This past weekend my aunt and uncle took me out to dinner as a birthday celebration for my aunt. We have been planning this for a couple of weeks now and I was really looking forward to it. With everything that was going on last week I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself, but it all worked out and the meal was fabulous!


They had originally talked about taking me to a restaurant that does 6-course meals. They have been there before and absolutely love it so they wanted me to see what it was like to dine as an “adult.” Unfortunately the earliest we could get reservations was the end of July and we were already booking it in June. We didn’t want to wait that long so another favorite of theirs was picked. We went to The Restaurant at Pawtomack Farm. Like the other restaurant this restaurant has an 8 course meal or you can choose an a la carte style.

Pawtomack Farm is a farm to table restaurant. So much that we actually watched someone from the kitchen go out to the garden pick something and head back into the kitchen. Two courses later we were eating what we had watched her pick. We chose to eat the destination menu which was the 8 courses. We also did a wine pairing. Each wine was paired with the foods and it was delicious.


Amuse Bouche



In between the first and second course the restaurant picked up and the tables filled. We got our Farmer’s Gazpacho and started eating. At first we didn’t know if we were getting wine, we couldn’t see our waitress, so we ate. I am a slow eater so by the time our waitress came with our wine I still had some left to eat! Our waitress apologized for bring the wine over late and made a point to always be at our table with wine when our food came out.


Farmer’s Gazpacho


Fish and Chips

The fish and chips were yummy. I immediately thought the green stuff was avocados turned guac. Little did I know it was actually “mushy peas.” HA. It didn’t taste like peas.


Faith Like a Mustard Seed Pork Belly

My favorite course was the pork belly. It was cooked perfectly and I wish I could have had more of it. My least favorite was the lemon cucumber sobert as an intermezzo.




Ashley Farm’s Chicken Braisage

The chicken was delicious and I loved all the vegetables that were included. It was supposed to include puffed rice, but we all agreed that we didn’t have rice. That was okay because I wouldn’t have wanted to fill up on rice anyway. I was also getting full as this was coming to the end of the meal.


Lavender Sorbet from the Pastry Chef to “cleanse our pallets”


Fried Blueberry Mille-Feuille

The fried blueberry dish was to die for. Unfortunately I was way to full at this point and didn’t enjoy it as much as I should have. A cappuccino was also had.





I was stuffed by the end of the meal, I didn’t even eat my “sweet treat.” That I saved for home and ended up eating this morning for breakfast. Eight courses were more than enough and today I decided I don’t want to be that full for a while! Lots of wine was had and as soon as I got home I passed out.

Ever been to a farm to table restaurant?