memes have been taking over the blog world piece by piece recently. I found this funny one about NH and just had to share. My friend Jenn believes I live on the prairie this meme was made by someone just like her haha.




to do

Today I am challenging you all to click on my blog roll menu above and to the left. From here click on a blog you haven’t read before and read a post. If you feel the need comment, it will make someones day 🙂


Its Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday. Okay who hates me now? I know I do, I can’t get Rebecca Black’s song out of my head now. Tonight I am headed to the cheesecake factory to celebrate my birthday and buy my first legal drink…whooop whoooop! I plan on ordering the four cheese pasta for dinner which is extremely delicious. I love the cheesecake factory and I have been saving my appetite for it all semester just for this night.

This weekend I am taking the time to forget about my homework…or at least attempt to and do nothing, but veg out on the couch all weekend long. If you need to reach me that is where I will be. If you didn’t have Rebecca Black’s song stuck in your head before, you can click on the link below to listen to it 🙂 ENJOY & HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!!



Hopefully these two tests won’t be so impossible, wishing myself luck! My life lays in the hands of my teachers…PLEASE TAKE PITY ON ME.