I’m baaaaaaackk

I’ve had an itch to write (ergh type) for a while now and I’ve been toying with the idea of resurrecting the blog. Not really for anyone, but myself. After getting a couple of requests to bring it back recently I decided I was ready. A year off of blogging felt like forever, but really not like long at all! With all of my personal issues going on last year I wasn’t putting enough effort into the blog and it became something I didn’t enjoy. Well a year later I’m back in a great place in my life and am ready to share with all of you again!

Lets see what has happened since I left this little blog year ago:

– I joined a softball team at work, and I wasn’t any good, but hey it was fun

– I went to my 5 year high school reunion. It’s weird that we graduated 5, well now, 6 years ago. It stills feels like yesterday.

– Went to a fundraiser for The Laura Mahoney Autism and Epilepsy Foundation and it was a blast. I am so glad that I could help raise money in some way for this amazing organization back at home.

– Spent a week at home in the summer soaking up the sun, enjoying boat rides with family, and just relaxing. Oh and I spent a weekend in Boston with Mary where we had WAY to much fun eating and drinking.

РSigned up to run in the Baltimore Running Festival with my coworkers. I was part of a marathon relay team and I think I accidentally  got myself into the worst portion of the whole thing. I signed up for the third leg thinking it would be nice to run past my house and along the water where I normally run. Boy did I forget right after my house is hills upon hills upon never ending hills.

– I spent a lot of time working and learning as well, it wasn’t all fun and games, although I wish it were.

– I went to the same farm to table restaurant I went to in 2013, and it was just as delicious.

– I spent thanksgiving with my wonderful family.

– Took almost two weeks off (thank god for holidays and early release days at work) around Christmas and went back to NH. I spent the time hanging with family, helping my mom move, visiting Mary (it would be ridiculous if I went to NH and didn’t go to Boston), skiing only once but hey I got out there, and I even spent a few days just bumming around Baltimore.

– I spent a lot of time working during my second busy season. I can’t believe it was already my second busy season and I know busy season three is right around the corner.

– While in busy season I got this crazy idea to sign up for a 10k. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a while and I finally did it. Since I was in college I’ve been wanted to run the Sole of the City 10k so that is what I signed up for. Three weeks ago I ran this race and survived!

– I also on a runners high signed up for the Charles Street 12, which isn’t until September. I am really excited to run this race because it goes through almost all of my favorite places in Baltimore, especially that little piece on Charles St that goes past Loyola.

So I think that just about catches me up. Obviously more has gone on in my life, but those are the highlights. I am taking 2015 and trying to do all the things I want to do!!