Adventures In England



  • Day 1: Changing of the guards, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge and Tower of London, Boat tour.
  • Day 2: House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Harrods, Kensington Palace, and Tiger Tiger London style.


  • Day 1: Hollyrood House Palace, Elephant Cafe, National Scottish Museum, The Worlds End Pub, Ghost Tour
  • Day 2: Edinburgh Castle, Whiskey Experience
  • Scotland in Pictures


  • Part 1: O’Conaill Chocolate, and Cork
  • Part 2: Blarney Castle, O’Conaill Chocolate, Flight Detour


  • Day 1: Mary, Crepes, Eiffel Tower
  • Day 2: Louvre, Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower (the top), dinner, BEST CREPE OF MY LIFE!! and Sacré-Coeur
  • Day 3: Versailles, Champ Elysees, shopping
  • Paris in Pictures


  • Day 1: La Rambla, Market, La Catedral, Picasso Museum, Magic Fountains
  • Day 2: La Sagrada Familia, La Pedrera, Park Guell, Montjuic, Olympic Stadium, Dinner at Can Majó
  • Day 3: La Rambla (for shopping), Best Smoothies of My Life
  • Barcelona in Pictures


  • Day 1: Lots of Travel to Leuven, and Fajitas
  • Day 2: Brussels, Peeing Boy, Waffles, Christmas Markets, Leuven Night Life
  • Day 3: Alarm Clock Fiasco, Train, Bus, Plane, Train, Metro
  • Belgium in Pictures

Day Trips

Freshers Week

WIAW Posts

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