I know today is NYE (which totally creeped up on me out of no where) but I am just popping in quickly to say sorry for not being around much last week! I have been working at the ski mountain everyday and my days start early and never seem to stop. By the time I make it home I am completely wiped and usually end up passing out on the couch. I will be back to regular blogging hopefully next week with a post on Friday of this week.

I am still trying to convince someone to go out to dinner with me tonight so I am not sitting at home alone all night. My brother has been refusing all night, but I might be able to convince him. I will probably stop by the ski mountain on my way home for the fireworks show.


Christmas Eve

HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE! Today will be spent cleaning my room and baking for Christmas tomorrow then attending Christmas Eve mass tonight. I am planning on make a delicious peppermint cheesecake. I am also looking forward to our Christmas Eve tradition of chinese food. SO GOOD! While I am busy baking and being lazy, I have decided to leave you with all my new instagram pictures. I kind of went instacrazy once I got home. #longhairdontcare #sorryimnotsorry.

IMG_0125 IMG_0128 IMG_0133 IMG_0166 IMG_0172 IMG_0176 IMG_0179 IMG_0181 IMG_0188 IMG_0192 IMG_0195 IMG_0201 IMG_0203 IMG_0206 IMG_0211 IMG_0212

Things to look forward to: a diy project, and a recipe!

Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

End of the World

I thought the world was going to end today? Just kidding I never believed for a second the world was going to end. Although I did make sure to have one of my favorite dinners last night. I went out to sushi with one of my best friends ever and a group of people. The women I house sit for actually got me into sushi so I always jump on the opportunity to go with her and her group when I am home. I unfortunately did not take any pictures of my sushi, but it was delicious. We got veggie tempura to start with #nom #nom. I got the rainbow roll and an alligator roll to split with Maureen. We left full, but satisfied. As a potential last meal, I was pleased.

I have been home three days and it has been so nice. I haven’t really done anything, but see people who I hadn’t seen in a while. Wednesday as soon as I got home I headed to the ski mountain to pick up my contract for work and catch a little bit of my brothers ski race. It still shocks me that he is now a freshman in high school. I am just so used to my brothers being so young that it kind of just crept up on me that the grew up. It seems like it happened over night.


Yesterday I went on an adventure with my dad to get our Christmas tree. The pickings were slim to say the least. The first place we stopped at had these beauties-IMG_0214We finally found a decent selection and snatched one up as quick as possible! This is our tree and all we have left to do it decorate it this weekend!!


I have plans to go last minute Christmas shopping with my mom tonight, because really who could pass up an offer to go to target? The answer is no one. Last, but not least the Christmas blogging challenge for today!

Peanut Butter and Jenny
Do you travel on the holidays? We do not travel on the holidays, at least not Christmas. We always spend Thanksgiving with my mom’s side of the family in CT. For Christmas we stay home and celebrate with my dad’s side. For Easter we rotate who we spend it with. We have only ever spend two Thanksgivings not in CT and we have never missed a Christmas at home, at least not that I know of. I could never imagine not being home for Christmas, there is just something about being home with a real Christmas tree and the fire going. Home is just where you should be, at least in my opinion!
Do you spend the holidays at home?


As you read this I am making my way home!! I am literally filled with joy, the ski mountain opened on Friday and all I wanna do is put on my skis and go skiing. I cannot wait to relax, go to some appointments, see friends, and work 🙂 July was a long time ago and it’s about time I make my way back to NH.

I saw this on pinterest the other day and thought it was so funny. It definitely happens to me whenever I walk in a book store. I don’t think there has ever been a time when I walked out with one book or nothing. Nope. Never. I recently just finished a super quick read that one of my friends let me borrow. Nothing to write home about, but a quick read I didn’t have to really think about while I read was what I needed to slow my brain down at night during finals.

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Two Down One To Go

Two finals down, one more to go! I had my second final on Saturday and spent my Friday night curled up with my Tax notes. I was supposed to work Saturday at midnight, but knew after my final all I would want to do is curl up in bed and not have to leave until the studying beckoned me again. Someone graciously covered my shift so I could catch up on my sleep. I say catch up on my sleep like I am a regular college student who stays up into the wee hours of the morning studying for my finals, when what really happens is I am in bed with a book by 11pm. I just can’t help it. My brain shuts down and I want nothing more to do with school. Instead I am one of the few kids on my college campus who will be up at 6am studying. I am definitely more of a morning person. My last final is today at 1pm, and it is by far my hardest final. I am not doing so well in the class and this final will make or break me. I am hoping my teacher pities me enough to give me a decent grade. It isn’t that I didn’t work hard, I did, I worked very hard but always just seemed to come up short. Continue reading