Happy Thanksgiving all! 🙂 Instead of the usual Thanksgiving routine which is spending it with my moms family I will be spending it just with my family here in Maryland. Plans changed about a week ago and we decided not to head up to CT. I’m sad I am missing my family, but in the end it is probably better for me as I have a CPA exam on Sunday that I need to be studying for!! This is only the second Thanksgiving I haven’t spent with them and the first was when I was abroad. Oh England how I miss you!

Even though this week was only a three-day week (or two and a half) it seemed to drag on from Monday. It didn’t help that my senior all week just kept talking about how excited he was for Thanksgiving. He kept saying he felt like a kid on Christmas. Which is exactly how I felt yesterday when I received my travel monitor. I have become quite the computer snob since starting work. We get a laptop and then a larger monitor at our desks. Most of what we do we need two screens for. Well a lot of us travel for work and you can’t bring your big monitor with you so they had a couple of travel monitors. They didn’t have enough and when people complained too much they decided to buy everyone their own. I am one happy girl now, last week we came back to the office early because I COULD NOT finish my work on one screen. I needed to be looking at two things at once and it just wasn’t happening. Three things will be making my life even more awesome.

Another awesome note on this week, I paid off one of my student loans and boy did it feel good 🙂 Being an adult has its advantages I guess. I have one more I plan on paying off before New Years and then the last one is a doozy and will take me a while. Switching gears again (I’m a little ADD today) I am this close to being finished with my November book. I didn’t think I would get to it because of all the studying I needed to get done, but for the past week I have been going to bed extra early and will read for an hour before I fall asleep. Well that’s all I have for everyone today, hope you all enjoy your turkey!! 🙂

Weekend Round up a Week Late

Sorry for one VERY small post last week. Work is starting to get busy and this little blog fell to the side. I am going to back up a little bit because this past weekend was spent with my head in the books. I’m starting to feel like I am a better studier (is that a word?) than I was in college. I got better grades in college though, the CPA sure is hard. Anywho back to the point.

When Sara and I visited Boordy a couple of weeks ago with friends I told her I was finally ready to come see her horse. I mean flag football was over so I had nothing taking over my weekends. Last weekend on Sunday we got up early and ventured to the horse barn. Anyone who knows me knows I am not really a horse person. It’s not my thing, but I won’t hate on it. We got to the barn around 7:30am and I was on the horse by 8:30am. It was quite the experience. Gigi and I walked around getting used to each other. Sara wanted me to trot, but I wasn’t feeling steady enough to trot so we just walked.

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After I had my turn I let Sara get on. She decided to go bareback so we hung up her saddle and I watched GiGi and Sara ride. It was a lot of fun. My legs hurt me when I was in a saddle so I could never imagine the leg strength that comes with riding bareback. It was a good time and I am glad Sara invited me to ride GiGi!!



This past week I have been GO GO GO! I’ve been at a client site and that means staying late getting as much accomplished as you can while you are there. It’s not a bad thing, I don’t mind it at all, but by the time I get home there is no energy left for me to blog let alone reheat something for dinner. I’ll be back next week with some posts, but to keep you reading until then here is a buzzfeed I saw pop up on my newsfeed yesterday. I always knew I was a morning person, but this really reinforced it! HAPPY FRIDAY 🙂

Boordy Vineyards

About two weeks ago I was thinking about having my Saturdays back. Flag football would be over and all I would have is uninterrupted study time. I knew I didn’t want that just quite yet (even though it’s what I need). Sara and I love our wine so I started looking up wine tastings we could attend on a Saturday. Some of my friends in college had been to Boordy so I immediately looked it up. $5 tasting and tour?? SIGN US UP!  I talked to a coworker who we went to school to and invited her as well. Another one of our accounting friends from school lives in the area so we asked her to join us too!!

Last Saturday was the day and it started out with a visit from our landlord about our water issues. I did get some studying in though, so that was a plus. I needed to mail out my stitch fix leftovers that I didn’t keep from my second box and the post office closed at one. So we headed out around 12:30pm made a quick stop at the post office and were on our way. GPS said we would get there at 1:15pm whoops only 45 minutes early.


On our way to the vineyard Sara was saying how much she was craving Wendys and there aren’t any close to where we live. About two minutes later we drove past one. You better believe we stopped there on the way home! Since we arrived 45 minutes early we thought we would just walk around, but we ended up just buying our glasses early and snatching up a good table.

IMG_2163 IMG_2164

Once Lauren and Morgan arrived we decided to go in and get our tastings. With the $5 tasting we got 6 samples. We tried all the “fun wines” they had and then one icon of Maryland. I loved all the fun wines, but my stomach was starting to hurt a little because they were so sweet. One of them we drank warm, not like room temperature warm, but keep warm in a crockpot warm. It was a weird sensation and I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around it, but I enjoyed it. We really dropped the ball and didn’t bring any food, but we did buy a bottle of wine to split while we all caught up.

IMG_2166 IMG_2167

We ended up buying the icons of Maryland Riesling and it was a fantastic choice. We spent about two hours just catching up. We hadn’t seen Morgan since graduation and since we are all accountants (we are cool I swear) we had lots to talk about. It is nice to hangout with people who do the same things you do and understand why you usually cancel plans to study.


Lauren, Sara, Morgan



IMG_2181 IMG_2173 IMG_2182 IMG_2180

I will definitely be back to Boordy and I will probably be purchasing their wine on my next trip to the wine store. Next time I will be prepared with lots of snacks and more friends!

Stitch Fix round 2

Round two was a lot better than round one! I originally scheduled my box for a couple of weeks ago, but found out I would be out of state for work and didn’t want my box to come when I wouldn’t be home. The first box I scheduled came a day later than I had originally scheduled it for so I scheduled this box for a Friday thinking I would be home when it arrived a day late on Saturday. The email I got saying my package had been shipped and it would arrive on Monday, uh what. No. I want it Saturday. Well I was in luck because when I got home on Friday there was a note in my mailbox saying my package had arrived and was hidden. HOLLLLLLA’ I was so excited, what a perfect way to end the work week. I immediately tried on everything. In my box was a dress, two shirts (one sleeveless and one long-sleeved), a pair of pants, and a cardigan.


I ended up loving the dress and the cardigan. I only kept the dress because I felt the price tag on the cardigan was a little steep for me right now. The pants were made of jeggings material and I’m not total into that material at the moment. The sleeveless shirt was adorable, but I just felt I wouldn’t wear it a ton and wanted something I would wear often. The long-sleeved shirt was the worst out of the box. I didn’t like the style or the cut and I looked extremely large in it. This box was a lot better than my first box. I felt it was a little more my style, but not 100% there yet. This is understandable as it’s only my second box and the stylists are still trying to figure out my style.IMG_2145 IMG_2148 IMG_2149 IMG_2150 IMG_2151

I scheduled my third box for December and now I am counting down the says until it comes! I also have been whoring out my referral code, so if you wanna sign up feel free to use my code!