RA Training and Move In

I cannot believe three years ago my parents dropped me off at a place that would soon become my home away from home. Today I watched the parents of my residents move them in. It reminded me a lot of that HOT day in August three years ago. I am really excited to spend this year with my first year residents and hopefully make an impact on their lives in some way. I have some fun programs planned and I am ready to go.


In other news RA training is finally over. This has been the longest 2 weeks of my life. In between my classes (which I did fantastic in each) and training I feel like I have gotten NO sleep. As I write this my eyes are closing. Since the residents moved in today our job is almost done before I can finally nap! So I leave you with that.


I can’t believe it’s over!

Both my classes are finished! I finished up my last final Thursday night and I am so happy to be done. It has been a long six weeks and an even longer week it feels like. Let me back up a second, RA training started on last Sunday and ever since I have been go go go. I thankfully had studied mildly before training started because I knew I wouldn’t get anytime come the week. So since then I have been sitting in on session about how to be awesome (kind of) and live tweeting with the rest of the RAs using the hashtag #loyolaSLtraining. On Monday I saw one of my favorite administrators on campus. She is unfortunately (but really good for her) leaving to go abroad. I hadn’t seen her all summer since I had been here so it was nice to catch up and say goodbye. I told her I was super jealous of her and that I was happy she was going. I actually feel like I owe a lot to her, she was the assistant director in Sophomore Initiatives when I was a sophomore and I became close with her then. When I worked with the special interest housing last year I got to work closely with her for another year and loved it. I think I would still be in a rut with no idea what I want to do or how I would have gotten involved on campus without the programs she put on during my sophomore year. So thank you Kim!!

Monday and Tuesday went by slowly, Wednesday went by a little faster as I got to get out before dinner so I could attempt to study some. I had built myself a nice little buffer in the class so I went into the test knowing what I knew and not worrying about what I didn’t. I didn’t do the best I could have, but I got a B+ (1 point away from an A-) in the class. I am extremely happy because after having to drop this class in the spring I was a little nervous about that. But alas I did fine in the class and moved on. Thursday I had my auditing final, but also a longggg day of RA training. Training seemed to NEVER end and then when it did I rushed to my final and was again not confident. I know I did well on the long answer problems, but unfortunately they don’t make up the majority of points on the test. So who knows, I am still waiting on my grade. I am not expecting to do as well as the other class, but it was a lot of information in a short period of time.

Friday was another busy day, but we got to have a little bit of a later start which was nice. Friday night I got together with my friend Mary and went out for dessert which was nice to catch up. I slept over Erin’s house because non of her roommates are here yet and I hadn’t seen her in a while. Saturday was our first free day of training!!! Mary and I went to target and homegoods to run some errands. I needed a planner because I didn’t have one yet and I was going a little nuts. When we got back I worked on stuff I had to do before my residents arrived, and even got to meet some of my early arrivals! After that with some of my fellow staff we went to the mall and then out to sushi dinner! It was sooooo good and I am glad I went!

senior 250s

Here at Loyola they have a little something called senior 250s. It basically is a count down to graduation, the saddest one is just the 50 because those 50 days will go by so stinkin’ fast. Well earlier this week the theme of this party was announced.

That’s right an Olypmic theme. WHAT THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW!!? I am in no way I repeat no way in shape to wear a leotard or a Speedo, there goes being a gymnast or a swimmer (the only cool things). I also could not pull of Misty Mays or Kerri Walsh’s uniforms, another down. Handball was thrown around, ping pong. Seriously I have no idea, any help would be awesome. Get your creative juices a flowin’ people and TELL ME WHAT I SHOULD BE!

remember whensday part 2

You can find remember whensday part 1 here, boy that was a long time ago. This remember whensday I am going to give you a picture and a recap of some resolutions from new years. Lets start out with that picture shall we. This is a picture of my parents and I when I started college three very short years ago.

My 2012 Resolutions:

  • Get ripped in better shape: Maybe some trips to the gym with my gym buddies Taylor, Jenn, and Kat as well as some outdoor runs and eating better (although who am I kidding the Towson Diner will still be a recurring thing)
  • Run more races: I see some 5ks, maybe some 10ks, and a 20k (ahem Uncle Danny – Labor Day) in my future
  • Start studying for the CPA exam: First step…buying the book.
  • Get a 3.0 for the semester
  • Keep the blog going: because even though I disappear sometimes, I really do love blogging as well as reading all the blogs I do
  • Learn to be a good RA

The last time I did a little update on the resolutions I decided it would be the last because some of these resolutions no longer applied. Well I have decided I am going to bring it back even if the hopes are that I continue to use it as a way to stay blogging, because lets be real sometimes blogging on this little blog that a small amount of people read is what keeps me sane. Now thats a run on sentence if I have ever seen one.


  • HA get in better shape, well obvi that is still on the list. Since moving back to school I have not visited the FAC I am just as mad at myself, but hopefully that will change once the school year starts and I have some gym buddies. There is nothing more boring than going to the gym by yourself. I did however do a month of bootcamp and would have done another, but I knew I would be returning to school right in the middle of it.
  • Well I haven’t run anymore races since the 5k on Good Friday. I would have run the Freedom 5k had I been home two weekends ago. I asked Liz to run some races with me this fall and I think we might, hopefully. She did tell me about a race in December where you put jingle bells on your sneakers, that one sounds fun!
  • Studying for the CPA is totally on hold, as I try to figure out what I want to do with my life. First step making it past first semester alive and the GMAT.
  • I GOT A 3.33 THIS PAST SEMESTER! Bringing my total GPA above a 3.0. I know it sounds dumb, because a 3.0 seems like the easiest thing in the world to do, but I have been struggling with it my entire time here at Loyola and I am proud of myself for finally being able to bring it above that 3.0. I have gotten above a 3.0 every semester since sophomore year, but it is so darn hard to bring a GPA up once its down. I don’t plan on letting it slip back down!
  • I have been blogging at least since I got back to school. It was hard to have anything to blog about while I was working everyday at home. My routine never changed I didn’t do anything, but work eat and sleep. Now that I am back, things will be happening (hopefully).
  • I would like to think that I got the hang of being a good RA last spring. It was hard and a struggle for me to come into it after an amazing RA left for the spring semester, but I like to think I made a difference even if it was just in a couple of people. Hopefully this year will be a little easier. The residents move in next week!


So there is my recap of my resolutions. They never really left my mind, I always thought of them so I consider that a win the new years resolution department! ps today is my 21 1/2 birthday!!! 🙂 And just because this post is word happy, here’s a picture of me on my real birthday!


Since moving into my smaller apartment that lacks appliances I have had to get a little creative with my meals. The minimal space in my mini fridge for food has become a slight problem as well as the fact that my freezer can’t seem to keep my ice cream frozen, but the fridge will freeze food. Hmph. Anyways I received a very generous gift of a toaster oven at the beginning of the summer as a late birthday gift and have been using that like it is my best friend. I was thrilled to find that my toaster oven heats up to the temperature that a real oven would heat up to so I can bake things in it! For dinner the other day I made a cheeseburger, every morning I make waffles for breakfast and I even made salmon!

That’s right I made salmon in my toaster oven! I splurged at the grocery store last weekend because I really wanted to have salmon and make some avocado/mango salsa. I marinated my salmon in a simple marinade of olive oil, salt and pepper. It was quick and simple just what I wanted. It wasn’t overpowering either which I find some marinades to be. For the salsa I used 1/2 an avocado, 1/2 a mango and about 1 cup of chopped tomato. All of that was topped with 1/2 a limes worth of life juice. I would have eaten the salsa plain it was that good.
I hate to say that I had never had real mango before then. By real I mean not frozen mixed in with a smoothie. I didn’t even know how to buy a mango, and I don’t think I did buy one that was ready to be used. Oh well, at least I know for next time. It was so yummy that I know the fruit will make its way into my shopping cart once its on sale again. This recipe is definitely going to be a repeat in my book!