Bucket List

  1. run 5k  Time – 30 minutes : run another 5k Time – 34 minutes (I walked about a mile)
  2. run 10k
  3. run Disney half marathon or marathon
  4. maintain a 3.0 gpa Finally there, now just need to stay there!
  5. make my blog more enjoyable to read
  6. read the hunger games
  7. do as much as i can while i am in Newcastle, don’t say no to anything (unless you have a test the next day)
  8. get an internship –> Never happened, but that’s okay. I skipped this step!
  9. get a “real” job – hopefully being an accountant
  10. rent my first apartment
  11. own a house
  12. fall in love and get married
  13. have kids
  14. vacation in Hawaii
  15. go to africa
  16. go to australia
  17. live somewhere other than NH Baltimore for the time being, hello real world!
  18. move back to NH when i grow old
  19. loose 30 pounds (and don’t gain it back)
  20. learn to wakeboard
  21. go sky diving
  22. parasail
  23. swim with dolphins
  24. go deep-sea fishing
  25. eat a mcgangbang
  26. ride a mechanical bull
  27. take a nutrition class
  28. take a cooking class
  29. take a photography class
  30. visit England again
  31. spend new years in times square
  32. go to the macys day parade
  33. visit all 50 states
  34. finish a scrapbook (scrapbook summer)
  35. donate blood
  36. run a mile in less than 7 minutes
  37. stand under the Hollywood sign
  38. ride first class
  39. go to Canada
  40. make a t-shirt quilt (Picture)
  41. go on a cruise (day 1, day2/3, day 4, day 5, day 6, day 7)
  42. graduate college (I did it!!)
  43. try cross-fit
  44. go to the drive in movies
  45. make pizza dough from scratch
  46. adopt a puppy
  47. see the golden gate bridge
  48. eat a Mount Washington at Bobby Sues
  49. eat a vermontster
  50. visit the ben and jerry’s factory
  51. eat at somewhere featured on the food network (Didn’t blog about it, but Joe Squared!)
  52. run in the color run
  53. visit harry potter world
  54. ride an elephant
  55. volunteer at a soup kitchen
  56. gamble in vegas
  57. go to a wine tasting (Boordy Vineyards!)
  58. drive on route 66
  59. go to the grand canyon
  60. go to mardi gras
  61. go to niagara falls
  62. visit a psychic
  63. go to the ellen show
  64. make sushi
  65. see mt. rushmore
  66. go to the top of the empire state building
  67. go to the top of the space needle
  68. vote in a presidential election (coming up!)
  69. go white water rafting
  70. go to grad school Post Grad summer classes (it’s a start)
  71. have a vegetable garden
  72. go to nantucket
  73. shake a celebrities hand
  74. ride in a hot air balloon
  75. be debt free!
  76. Hike Mount Washington
  77. Ski Tuckermans

4 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. I love your list! Can’t get over that I’ve already done sooooo many of the things on your list! Now you’ve got me thinking about making one for myself. Hmmmm. This requires a lot of thought. Other than going to Ireland and France and the top of the Eiffel Tower at night (and daylight), I really can’t think of anything I really want to do. Maybe get real pearl earrings and real ruby earrings…altho I’d be afraid they’d fall off since I’m not getting my ears pierced!
    Have a great day!!! Love ya lots & lots, XXXXXXXX00000000

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