Training (or something that looks like it)!

This page will follow my training for my very first half marathon on June 1st!!

Day 1: Off to a good start!

Day 2: Didn’t think I would get it in.

Day 3: Multitasking!!

Day 4: In room workout.

Day 5: It was a cold 1.5 mile run

Day 6: Ugh the treadmill

Day 7: REST DAY!!

Week 1: Round Up

Day 8: Unexpected snow day

Day 9: 30 minutes of weight lifting

Day 10/11: Unexpected rest days.

Day 12/13: ahh no

Day 14: rest day 😉

Week 2: Round Up

Day 15/16: A travel day and a tough workout

Day 17: A hard run

Day 18: A sick day

A decision to stop training. 



One thought on “Training (or something that looks like it)!

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