Coffee vs. Wine

I saw this picture on Pinterest last week and WAS CRACKING UP. It is so true, I hold a special place in my heart for coffee and wine, okay and chocolate milk.


Marvelous Monday VII

It’s that time of the week again, the dreaded Monday. This Monday isn’t as terrible because I know on Friday I have the day off of work and will be headed to CT.

Marvelous is… Breaking Bad. It took me about a season and a half to really get into it, but now I can’t stop. I’m on season 4 and am a little sad I only have one and a half seasons left.

Marvelous is… being social. Friday after work we had a happy hour, when I got home Sara and I went out for an appetizer and some drinks at a couple of bars near our house.

Marvelous is… Tacos for dinner on Saturday. Sara’s birthday is next week and I won’t be around because of Easter. Sooooo I told her we were celebrating this past weekend. She request tacos for dinner so we had tacos and chips with guac. THE BEST!!

Marvelous is… the weather. It is so gorgeous out right now. I had to drop my car off at the mechanic and I walked home the long way because it was so nice out.

Marvelous is… four days of work until a mini vacation. It is needed.

Marvelous is… I finished the Divergent Series. It was good, I was expecting more. On to the next book.

Marvelous is… on Thursday we went out to dinner with Sara’s coworkers for one of their birthdays. We went to a Turkish restaurant and it was very interesting. I got a lamb kebab and fried shredded zucchini. The lamb was so good, but I could have done without the zucchini. It was a good time with good friends!



Marvelous Monday VI

It was a lazy weekend trying to bond with the cat so not much is going on.

Marvelous is… Bella finally likes me!

Marvelous is… Lunch with a friend from home. One of my friends from home was in the area for a conference and we got lunch together on Saturday.

Marvelous is… Back to normal hours at work. I started riding the bus last week and it is nice. I do miss the convenience of being home the second I want and leaving for work when I feel like it, but the extra $100 I will save taking the bus is SO MUCH NICER.

Marvelous is… Easter is in two weeks! I am in need of a little vacation so I am really looking forward to that. Plus I have some girl scout cookies waiting for me 🙂

Marvelous is… reading. I am on book three of the Divergent series. I’ll be honest, I was expecting more. Everyone was always raving about them. They were good, but I had higher hopes. I did enjoy them while reading because they were quicker reads and that was what I was looking for.

Marvelous is… Mint Oreo Fudge Cremes, they taste just like thin mints. SO GOOD.

Hope you all enjoy your Marvelous Monday 🙂

20 things to try in your 20s

As I was trolling twitter last weekend because when your home alone what else are you supposed to do, I stumbled upon this article. 20 Things Every Woman in her Twenties Should Do, I found it very interesting and had a fun time going over the things I have done and the things I probably will not do.

1. Date a ridiculously hot guy……….at least I’m still in my early twenties 😉

2. Go abroad. DONE! One of the best experiences of my life and I can’t wait to travel more.

3. Crop tops, not my thing. My stomach is the LAST thing I want to show the world.

4. Take lots of instagram pictures, yeah I think I have done that.

5. Pick a sport you’ve never played before. UH HELLO FLAG FOOTBALL.

6. Eat whatever. I think I’ve got that one down pat. I also don’t think it’s something that I started in my twenties or will stop after I leave this decade.

7. Drink green juice. Eh it’s not for me.

8. Spend time with your parents, see my post from last Wednesday about my future spring/summer plans. All to hang out with mama 🙂

9. Read Edith Wharton books, uhh who?

10. Keep a journal/sketchbook/scrapbook. A like to think this blog is a journal and #scrapbooksummer that was a thing.

11. Buy a nice black blazer. Business casual is my jam

12. Dance to Missy Elliot alone in your house. She’s not in my top ten, but I am certain I probably have done this.

13. Practice makeup less Sundays. I practice makeup less everydays, I’m really just lazy.

14. 5 minutes of asana breathing before bed. I would rather just go to sleep…

15. Change your hair drastically; I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I need to switch it up, my hair is just so damn thick and like I said up there in #14, I’m lazy.

16. Leave your phone at home for the day. I’ve done it, I need to do it more often.

17. Wear dark purple lipstick, refer to #13

18. Have an old school mixed drink with an egg in it. UM no. That sounds disgusting.

19. Bond with your siblings by getting drunk together and sharing messed-up family secrets. One more year until Elizabeth is 21, 5 years until Thomas is 21, and 6 years until Michael is 21. At least I’ll still be in my 20s for two of them. Wow that makes me feel old. Eeeeekk.

20. Go on a road trip with your best friends. This is definitely on my to do list. It has been for a while and I can’t wait to actually do it. One day hopefully.

Like I said some of the list I had done and some I will never (read: egg in a mixed drink). Obviously Cosmo added some funny explanations to their list so check it out.