eek it’s already friday

This week has flown by!! I can’t believe it is already Friday. Big things have been happening this week, starting with my roommate finally coming home! It was the most boring week all alone, I don’t know if I will ever be able to live alone! The week started out by assembling my futon! It is all put together minus two screws, but hey I haven’t fallen through yet so I think we are in the clear.


My aunt and uncle brought our dining room table this past weekend and it is nice to have somewhere to sit other than my bedroom floor. It fits perfect in the location we put it and have been having real dinners at the table ever since.


My roommate and I made a trip to Ikea where I purchased a dresser. My room felt very incomplete because it still wasn’t completely unpacked. I felt like I was just passing through, after 3 hours of assembly yesterday it is all put together. And I was able to finally unpack, it feels good!! Now I just need to get a mattress and side rail and my bedroom will be complete!


In other news #scrapbooksummer has commenced. I finished my senior year scrapbook on Wednesday night and I love it. I really didn’t get into the scrapbooking until I moved into my apartment and was bored out of my mind, but I am so happy I did. It is so awesome to look back on all the fun things I did senior year with my friends. IMG_1973


Last, but not least my CPA review materials arrived. I have been hooked on Army Wives for the past week so I haven’t started studying, but once Monday morning 9am comes, it’s time to hit the books. I plan to take my first section at the beginning of October. I think since I will have so much undivided attention going towards studying I may go for the hardest section first. After that I will be working full time and studying will be taking a back seat. I also book my last vacation before I begin working full time. I will be flying home for a weekend away at camp.      IMG_1993

I may not be around for a while, I will be busy having my head in the books, but I may check in every once and a while!


not intended

Well I did not intend to be gone that long. I finally finished moving into my apartment on Tuesday and have been living it up in my apartment. My roommate is gone so I’ve been alone and it’s kinda boring, but I’m getting by. Wednesday our cable and internet was installed and I awkwardly introduced myself to the barbershop owner in front. The rest of the day was spent unpacking and cleaning. Thursday I spent the day doing absolutely nothing. The day dragged on and all I got done was some scrapbooking, better late than never right?! I have finished all of last summer, into the fall a little and my spring break. I think the spring break pages might be the best!

Friday I made a trip to Ikea to pick out a dresser. Unfortunately it was too heavy for me to carry by myself so I wouldn’t have been able to get it out of the car into the house so once my roommate returns we will take another trip at least now we can run in and run out because I know exactly where to get it. I also went to Target to pick up some essentials and some groceries. Target has this new app called Cartwheel. You get 14 spots to start with and you add in things you want to save on. I only saved a little over a dollar, but it was still nice. I can’t wait for the Target to open near us in a couple of months. I then came home and finally applied for my notice to sit for the CPA and for my review materials. I had been putting it off because I knew I wasn’t going to start studying until August, but August is here…EEEEK.

The weekend was spent doing basically the same thing as the rest of the week! I can’t wait for my roommate to get back.

weekend roundup: family time edition

If you’ve been following along for more than two seconds you probably know that I lived with my aunt and uncle this summer while I transitioned into real adulthood (read: moving into my apartment). So for the past two months and change I have been having nonstop family time and I liked it. I got to know my cousins on a different level and my aunt and uncle have been a godsend on multiple occasions. Well we continued the family time this past weekend when we celebrated my grandfathers life. Five years ago he passed away so we all got together (minus a couple) to remember him (not that we don’t do that everyday anyways). We left SUPER early on Saturday morning, but first lets back up to Friday night.

Friday my roommate and I spent the day cleaning and organizing our apartment. She didn’t have power in her room, bathroom and our living room. We had an appointment with the Comcast people, but we didn’t know if they would be able to set up anything because of the power outage. Well we were correct, they couldn’t do anything and we couldn’t get to our fuse box because it is in the barber shop in front that we don’t have keys to. OH WELL. So we made a quick trip to IKEA and Best Buy and then I headed back to my aunt and uncles. Friday night we went to see Bugs Bunny at the Symphony. We had lawn seats and packed a picnic basket FULL of cheeses and wines. The movie was shown on a big projection screen outside and the National Orchestra played the soundtrack. It was really cool and so different than anything I had ever see. It was a great time, but we were all exhausted when it was finished and made it back home around 11:45pm.

IMG_1932 IMG_1934 IMG_1938 IMG_1941 IMG_1942

Flash forward to 4:45am Saturday morning and I was up ready to go. I knew we were leaving at 5am so I gave myself just enough time to throw on clothes, go to the bathroom, and brush my hair – teeth – and wash my face. We hopped in the car and were on our way. At 8am we made a stop for donuts. We stopped in Kutztown, PA at the Frying Dutchman. IT WAS SO GOOD! And tasted just like the Fractured Prune that we all hit up in Dewey Beach during senior week. I got a Caramel Vita donut and a PB Cup donut. I liked the Caramel Vita one best and probably wouldn’t get the PB Cup again, it was just to peanut buttery. By 12:20 we arrived at my grandmothers house and just hung out for a bit before mass. At 4pm we had a mass said for my grandfather and then headed to my great uncles house for dinner. It was so nice to catch up with everyone and just laugh. We are a big game family so we played numerous games of bananagrams and I talked a lot about work and apartments. Since I am the first grandchild to become an adult everyone is interesting in the goings ons.

IMG_1948 IMG_1949 IMG_1950 IMG_1952 IMG_1954 IMG_1955

Sunday we had a relaxing morning at my grandmothers and then decided to hit the road first. Before though we needed to get my bed out of my grandmothers garage. Unfortunately it is missing one side railing, but that can be an easy fix I just gotta make a trip to the store to get one. We also fit in my new futon and a chair that my uncle wants to get fixed. It was a tight squeeze in the car, but we made it work and were back in MD before dinner. It was a great weekend with great people and I wish we all lived closer so it could happen more often. PS HAPPY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY TO MY BABY BROTHER. HE TURNED THE BIG 1-4.

Friday Favorites

I can’t believe another week is over! It’s officially time for my summer to start, classes ended yesterday and I’m basically all moved into my apartment. Since I am still moving some stuff, getting used to my new space, and waiting for the comcast guy I figured I’d leave you all with some of my favorite links this past week!!

I’ve been loving on BuzzFeed recently. Buzzfeed takes on Loyola, BuzzFeed takes on NH. Dear BuzzFeed, I love you.

I updated the Books Page after I just finished reading a series called the Breathing Series. God I tend to get sucked into a good book and then can’t get out. Wednesday night I finished the second book around 10:30pm while laying in bed. I immediately had to start the next one to know what happened next. Next thing I knew it was WAY to late and my 5:45am wake-up call would be coming soon.

I also joined Goodreads. Not sure how I feel about it as I still get used to it. We shall see.

Well that’s all I got for you all today, I’ll be back on Monday with a weekend update of the movies, family time, and my baby brothers birthday.