Chocolate Chip Scones

I have noticed that I am starting out my most recent blog posts with the same thing. Taking a break from studying. It sure stinks that during my summer vacation I have to take this class, but you got to do what you got to do. AND I WANT TO GO ABROAD…so this class is just something that has to happen. As well as studying I am currently watching Ultimate Cake Challenge on TLC, I really love this show I wish that I could do the things they do. Anyways onto these delicious scones!!

Chocolate Chip Scones with a Cinnamon Topping
* recipe adapted from Pioneer Woman



1 Cup Chocolate Chips
1 Egg
1 Tspn Vanilla Extract
3/4 Heavy Cream
2 Sticks Unsalted Butter
1/3 Cup Sugar
5 Tspns Baking Powder
3 Cups Flour
1/2 Tspn Ground Cinnamon


1 Tspn Ground Cinnamon
1 1/2 Tspn Heavy Cream
1/2 Cup Sugar


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
2. In large bowl mix all your dry ingredients (baking powder, flour, sugar, cinnamon)
3. Cut the 2 sticks of butter into small pieces and cut into dry ingredients (I didn’t have a pastry cutter so I just used my hands, mildly messy, but totally worth it in the end!)
4. Once the mixture is crummy add in the chocolate chips
5. In a separate bowl mix the wet ingredients (egg, vanilla, cream) once the ingredients are mixed together add to the crummy mix we created in step 4 and combine with fork
6. Move mixture to a flat surface to mold into circle (I didn’t trust my counter top in this moment and used a plate, you can also mold into another shape this was just easiest for me)
7. In another small bowl (or if you want the small bowl you used for wet ingredients) mix together the ingredients for the topping
8. Put topping on the molded scones, once completely covered cut into wedges (if you made a rectangle then triangles)
9. Move to your cooking sheet (I used a baking sheet) and cook for around 25 minutes
10. ENJOY!!

Steps in Pictures:












As you can see I made some adjustments. The original recipe from The Pioneer Women called for cinnamon chips and I used chocolate chips so that is another adjustment you could do. I also used cinnamon sugar instead for the complete ground cinnamon and it didn’t make a difference OR if you didn’t want to use cinnamon at all in the scones that would also work fine. Last but not least I ran out of heavy cream when I made the topping so I used milk, skim milk to be exact. Once again everything worked out fine so I think the next time I make these I will omit the heavy cream and just use skim milk. Well I hope you enjoy this recipe because I sure did and they were a crowd pleaser in my apartment, everyone who came in to visit couldn’t keep their hands off them!

White Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake

I am currently taking a break from my accounting book to write this post. As well as accounting on my brain I struggled for at least an hour to activate my phone and I finally just got it activated. Feels good to have phone that won’t freeze every five minutes like my old one.

A couple of weeks ago while I was still at Loyola I decided to make a cheesecake. I am going through a cheesecake phase. I love it and I really like experimenting with it. So after two finals one day when I couldn’t nap I decided what better way to use my time then make this cheesecake. Unfortunately this cheesecake did not come out the way I had hoped and I fortunately know exactly why. I being sometimes lazy tried to configure a step. When I was at the grocery store I saw cooking cream. Yes cooking not baking, that was my mistake. I figured, oh this will be great it won’t be as hard to blend…there is a reason for that it is not meant for cheesecakes and baking. Well even though this cheesecake did not work out the way I wanted, I am not discouraged from trying again! Here’s the recipe:

Recipe adapted from Tickled Red


1 box of brownie mix (as well as all the eggs, oil, and water you need for the mix)
1 cup caramel sauce (about 1 cup, its up to you)
12 oz white chocolate chips (I used Dolci Frutta hard chocolate shells)
1 cup heavy whipping cream
1 1/2 lb cream cheese (not cooking cream cheese!)
1/4 cup confectioner sugar
2 tspn vanilla extract

and a spring-form pan


Brownie Steps:
Step 1: Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
Step 2: Mix all of the brownie mix with the eggs, oil, and water
Step 3: Once combined pour into spring-form pan
Step 4: Bake in oven according to the back of brownie mix box
Step 5: Once brownie is cooled a little, pour the caramel sauce over the brownie until it is completely covered

White Chocolate Steps:
Step 6: Over medium heat stir together the cream and white chocolate chips
Step 7: Stir constantly until everything is smooth
Step 8: Place in fridge to cool while you make cheesecake filling

Cheesecake Filling Steps:
Step 9: In a bowl combine cream cheese, confectioner sugar, and vanilla extract
Step 10: Once all blended together add the cooled white chocolate mix
Step 11: After all combined add to brownie and caramel bottom

Step 12: Cover pan and refrigerate for at least 24 hours
Step 13: Add anything you want on top, I added caramel and chocolate sauce!

Steps In Pictures:

Steps 1-3:

 Steps 6-8:

Steps 9-10: 

This is where I went wrong. Cooking cream is a no go!!

I hope if any of you try this you have better luck than I did. I’m hoping the next time I make it, it will come out a little better. Well ENJOY and keep your eyes out for a post about scones soon! They are a new fan favorite of mine.

I got a NEW phone
I am taking a class at a NEW school
I got a NEW rear axle
I am NEWly employed

This week has been full of new things to do. On Monday I found out my car needed a new rear axle. That was a shocker because I thought my car was fine, as well as the new rear axle I found out it probably would only be around for another year before it broke down for good. So sad I have never had issues with it, but it is 12 years old. On Monday night my mom and I ordered my new phone. For the past year I have been taking my battery out of my phone twice a day because it freezes so often and won’t unfreeze. Because I am going abroad in the fall for three months I decided to get the Blackberry Bold which is a global phone so I will be able to keep in contact with people at home. Later today I shall go to a Verizon store and get it all set up. Tuesday morning I met with the owner of a local italian restaurant near my house. My family loves this restaurant and every Friday my dad gets dinner there. Every weekend starting Memorial Day Weekend I will travel home and work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night as a hostess. I am extremely nervous about it, but I think it will be fine. My worst fear is messing up the seating and take out orders!! On Thursday (yesterday) I started my intermediate accounting class at a new school. I am living with my grandmother and taking this class at the University of Hartford. Its about a 45 minute drive away, but its very direct. There are 10 people in my class and only 4 of use are college aged students!! I couldn’t believe it I thought there would be more college students, but I was wrong. The teacher is extremely nice and easy to follow. He does love to draw arrows on the board which is something my past accounting teacher did and it drove me nuts because I could never follow what went with what. I found out that for one week of sitting in this class it would be two and a half weeks sitting in the class during a normal semester. Seems crazy, but I think this will be a good way for me to learn how to study when I need to because I have so much free time right now. Other than that nothing is going on. My great uncle is turning 70 on Monday and I think my grandmother and I will make him a cake, can’t wait to use one of the recipes I’ve found on other blogs! I also have some other blog posts to update such as a cheesecake, funfetti cake, and scones!! TGIF everyone!

goals for the first six weeks of summer!

I have decided that I need to make a list of goals for myself. Since I do not have a job for the first six weeks of summer and I am still looking for a nighttime job for the remainder of the summer I decided to put my unending free time somewhere else (or somewhere productive).


1. Make a t-shirt quilt
2. Start scrapbooking again
3. Make sure my grades are up to par
4. Blog more
5. Bake more
6. Read more (Any recommendations? I currently have Something Borrowed and The Help sitting in my bookshelf just waiting to be read)
7. Enjoy the time I have with my grandmother while I am living with her
8. Start training for a 5k (When I will run one is beyond me, but if I start training maybe I will find one)
9. Start researching all the fun places I can visit while I am abroad
10. Take lots of naps

Well those are my goals and I am hoping I can continue to strive with these goals. I will keep you all updated on my t-shirt quilt that is my first priority! I already have all the shirts picked out, now I just need to get backing and start sewing!

another year comes to an end

Well I am currently back home in NH, but unfortunately only for a short period of time. On Tuesday I will head back to CT and on Thursday my summer class starts. I am so not in the mood for school, but I believe it is better to have this class start now rather than in two months when I am completely NOT in the mood for school. Alright so for now I will recap a little from this year seeing as how so much has happened!

Attended my first ever retreat!                  

We got a picture with the greyhound!

I went cliff jumping

We threw Annie a surprise party for her 20th birthday!

We attended a bake-off and made peppermint brownies

Created a resume, decided my major, and applied to study abroad. I also dressed as a cat for halloween

We celebrated Liz’s birthday with piƱa cooladas and a night out


I did a trust fall and went on a zip line


I grew my hair out….and then got it cut

I ate crab and went bowling

All of the cousins were together at Thanksgiving…

except Molly refused to be in a picture

Everyone attended Lessons and Carols and we had to sit in the back

I met Annie, Liz, Kelly, and Brittney in Boston for New Years

 Liz came to NH and I taught her how to ski!

I went on Roadtrip hosted by Sophomore Initiatives and met a lot of great people (This is also when I found out I got into my study abroad program)

started this blog and then I turned 20 and had my first surprise party! 

Nora also turned 20! 

I went ice skating and to the melting pot!!

I went to Mexico with my family!

We had snow days!

I went on my first OAE trip, backpacking with Liz and Brendan and it was actually a lot of fun!!

Easter happened and it was great! School came to an end and i celebrated my cousins 16th birthday. Threw erin a surprise party, played WAY to many games of bananagrams and wore a jean jacket!

And now summer is starting….just kidding….my summer class is starting. As well as me trying to find a night job and slowly failing. And my car is slowing break…aka I need a new rear axle that is going to put me in even more debt than I am already in. Summer please come soon!!