Christmas with the Welch’s

This Christmas was no different from any of the previous, maybe other than the fact that my dad had to leave in the middle of opening presents to go to a fire….oh the life of a firefighter. Anywhooooo Christmas was just as eventful as previous years and just the years before I was more than pleased with all the gifts I received and am so thankful.

This past week when I was at my grandmothers we went to BOB’S aka one of my favorite stores and I found a new pair of running sneakers! If you have been following the blog for a while then you would have seen my christmas list and known that sneakers is something I had asked for. My mom said she still needed some christmas gifts for me so I decided this was the perfect opportunity. Well come christmas morning I was handed an oddly shaped present by Michael. On the present it said to Katherine from Mom, weird I thought and I opened it. Well there was one sneaker, interesting a few minutes later another weird shaped present this time from Dad. Oh there is the other sneaker, clever parents. I am so excited to use my new sneakers, it has been fairly warm here, but by the time I get out of work I am exhausted and don’t make it anywhere but the couch where I pass out until dinner time.

My sneakers were not the only present I received off of my christmas list; I also got decorating tips from my grandmother (THANKS GRAMMMMMY!!!), a donut pan from Erin (THANKS ERIN), and a new pair of snowpants a couple of days late. All of the presents I received that weren’t on my list were totally me. In the sense that I loved everything and there were nothing that wasn’t something I will use. It is funny because when Elizabeth and I were opening presents we each received a couple of the same things, but catered to our likings. For example our aunt gave us both earrings. She gave me a glitzy gold pair, but they were glitzy in a simple way and totally me. Elizabeth got a pair that was more her style in the fact that they were more flashy and not simple one bit.

Other than gifts Christmas was awesome. We always open gifts at our house in the morning and then venture to my grandparents directly after for brunch and more gifts. My grandmother always makes a ton  of food. Seriously she could feed an army. She made crepes to remind me of Paris and they even had salmon in them. They were soooo good! As well as the crepes we had egg pies per usual, coffee cake, and a new hash brown bake which was really good. Because my dad’s siblings live so far away in Alaska they always ship their gifts to my grandparents and we get to open them there, which is a nice tradition. My aunt Jan makes jewelery and made my sister and I fun ski earrings which I plan to wear to work one day this week, as well as the snowman earrings from last christmas.

Our other traditions involve dinner at our house around 5pm. This year it was me who did all the baking for after Christmas dinner and believe it or not we didn’t even touch the cookies. My mom had an Oreo tart that one of her students made and between that and the peppermint trifle I made we were stuffed. The cookies are just now starting to disappear. Other than that our Christmas was spent just the way it should be, lots of family time and fooling around with all our new gifts (Michael and Thomas’ nerf guns have been used a lot). And I am fairly certain every single person in my family hates when I take pictures…..OVER ITTTTT!!!

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So far it is only 1pm and I have accomplished quite a bit, the only thing I didn’t get accomplished was taking my nap. I am exhuasted, but for some reason my body just didn’t want to sleep, I guess that means more coffee for me. The yummmy kind of coffee too, white chocolate raspberry iced coffee…LITERALLY SO good!!!! THANKS MOMMMMMMM!

Onto the things I have accomplished, so like I said in my post yesterday I got a lot of baking done, and the same went for today. Today after breakfast I got busy baking cookies! I made plain sugar cookies and then right after they came out of the oven I put candy cane herseys kisses on top. I made sure to make myself a large cookie, it contained three hersey kisses 😉 After making those I made peanut butter blossoms. I realized as I was baking that I was making my cookie balls to big before they went into the oven resulting in extremely large cookies. So when I made the peanut butter blossoms I made the balls a little smaller and they look like normal sized cookies.

As my cookies were in the oven cooking I got started wrapping all my gifts. After having been gone for three months and collecting souvenirs everywhere I went I had a lot to wrap. I wrapped my presents about the same way a three year old would if they were wrapping, but I could care less. I cannot wait to see the look on my dad’s face when he opens one of his presents from me. I know I will get a good chuckle out of him. Here are some old Christmas photos through the years…enjoy!!!

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And apparently we stopped taking pictures at Christmas time in 2003. Also on another totally unrelated note, does anyone else always type over when they mean to type oven? Every time I type it my finger automatically goes to the r instead of the n. Now I am off to church for Christmas eve mass and I wish I could just be wearing my onsie because it is sooooo cold out.

christmas foooooooood

So if you don’t know all ready I am a little obsessed with food and sometimes like to call myself a foodie. As I was baking up a storm today it brought back memories from when I was younger. I would go to my grandparents house for a whole day to bake tons and I mean tons of cookies. If there is a type of christmas cookie you can bet we made it that day. It usually wasn’t super close to christmas that we would start making these cookies because we would freeze them until the time came to eat them.

For the past three years each time around christmas I house sit for a family friend. This specific friend just rebuilt her house a mere four years ago and it has the best kitchen in the entire world. Every time I house sit I make sure to take advantage of this and try out new recipes or just cook anything. The past two years I have had two friends come over and we do a cookie swap or something to that effect. This year we were all busy at different times and couldn’t get our acts together so I baked by myself. And I loved having this HUGE kitchen all to myself. I turned on ABC Family (lame I know) and watched christmas movies all day long!

My mom brought over all the supplies and I got to work. I had one dessert I really wanted to make and that was a peppermint trifle. After giving up my year-long hiatus from foodgawker I ventured back to the website during a study break a couple of weeks ago and haven’t looked back since. I found this awesome trifle recipe on this blog and knew I needed to make it immediately. I am a lover of all thing peppermint so I knew it was right up my ally! Unfortunately if I made this trifle today it would be soggy…eww…by Sunday which would be no good, so I prepped for the assembly that will take place Sunday afternoon, brownies and pudding are made!

Next on my list was the cookie dough my mom brought over. She brought me sugar cookie dough with crushed up candy canes in it….omgggggoshhhh just the thought of these cookies made me extremely excited. To make these cookies even more amazing, when they came out of the oven I put candy cane hersey kisses on top. I cannot wait to dig into these on christmas night, it is taking every will power I have not to dig in right now!

No pictures for the post, I forgot my camera at home! I still have at least two more batches of cookies to make and a yummy appetizer, so look for those next!!


hiiiiii friends!

Sorry to have been away for the past 6 days, I was busy finishing papers, selling back books, returning library books, saying my goodbyes and packing. I finally made it back to America on Monday and back to NH yesterday! To say the past week has been stressful is an understatement. I plan to have some more posts about my study abroad experience and life back at home. For now I am house sitting and enjoying the peace and quiet (well except for Tobe’s snores!). If you are bored and wanna catch up on the past three months check out my Adventures in England page for some of my favorite posts. I still need to update the page, but the first two months of my trip are categorized on that page!