Fun things on the horizon

I’ve officially booked all my planes tickets for spring and summer vacations. I am so excited for all my mini vacations, it really gives you something to look forward to! Here is my calendar of events for the next couple of months:

April: Easter weekend in CT and possibly a weekend in Williamsburg with my grandparents!

May: Memorial day weekend at home and the NEXT weekend at home. That is right two weekends in a row in NH. I am very excited about this one.

June: Not traveling anywhere but that doesn’t mean my roommate and I won’t explore MD a little bit. I’m also hoping for a weekend in NYC to see some friends so June might just be the month.

July: I am going to visit Mary in Boston and then spend the week at home with my family from Alaska! I am most excited about this trip. Plus it will be the end of July so hopefully the weather will be super gorgeous and a week at the lake with be perfect!

So it might not seem like a lot of plans, but to me (the worst social person ever) it is a lot! My roommate and I have some other plans of how we might get out and about this spring and summer. We have discussed a weekend trip to AC, and possibly a trip to see her parents in San Diego.


Wonderful Wednesday

Well I skipped out on Marvelous Monday for that awesome picture I found on Janae’s blog. It just spoke the truth.

Wonderful Wednesday is … HUMP DAY!

Wonderful Wednesday is … my friends coming to visit! Hilary and Anna are driving back to Massachusetts from Colorado and are taking a smallll detour to visit me in Baltimore. I am so excited to see them. I tried to get into work early so I could leave a little earlier to spend some time with them before my bed time occurs.

Wonderful Wednesday is … the countdown to Easter! I am super excited to see my family. I haven’t seen most since graduation which feels like a life time ago. I’m also really looking forward to those boxes of girl scout cookies waiting for me at my aunt and uncles 😉

Wonderful Wednesday is … I bought plane tickets for a trip home in July. I bought two one way tickets so I could visit Mary in Boston for the weekend before I take a bus home. I am so so so excited to go. I’ve been to Boston a bagillion times growing up, but it will just be different to be there visiting someone else. And then I’m extremely excited to see my family from Alaska once I make it to NH. A week at the lake is just what I need.

Wonderful Wednesday is … a cat. If you know me at all you know I am not a cat person. ergh or was a cat person… That’s right, we got a cat. My roommate’s parents moved/ are moving to California and they couldn’t bring the cat with them. SO we offered to take Bella in. This past weekend Sara went home for a bridal shower and brought Bella back with her. I am really excited to have a snuggly little cat in our house. I think all the time I spent with my aunt and uncles cat this summer turned me.

That’s all I got for you today! Have a lovelllllly rest of the week and I’ll be back on Friday.

Five Things Friday part (who knows)

1. This article: One of my friends posted this on facebook last night and it is on point. Gosh I just love Friends.

2. Oh New England how I miss you:

3. IT’S THE WEEKEND!!! I have big plans to be lazy 😉 What else is new?

4. I’m almost through my first busy season. Only about 40 left, whoop whoooooop.

5. My friend Jenn met Buddy from Carlo’s Bakery. SO JEALOUS. Mostly because I just like bakeries. Other things that make me jealous, snap chats from my friend Jess of the 12+ inches of snow they just got and all the powder skiing she is doing. Ugh I got on skis once this winter and it’s killing me. I’ve never skied this little since before I started skiing. Next year I have to try to go on Sundays when I am not working.


Today is hump day. Yesterday for a split second I thought it was Thursday and when I remembered it was only Tuesday I wanted to punch myself. There is nothing worse than thinking you have less days in the week than you actually do. It’s halfway through the week (kind of). Last weekend they gave us Saturday off and I am crossing my fingers the same happens this week. I just love being able to be lazy at home and not do anything. Although when I have to work on Saturdays I tend to get more accomplished on Sundays. Maybe this weekend I can spend a lot of time reading. I finally finished Touch and Go by Lisa Gardner on Monday night. It ended like I thought it would, but I still thought it was a great book. I downloaded a ton of books on my Kindle a while ago so I am starting to get into those. First up on my list is the divergent series. I keep seeing the commercials and I would like to read at least the first book before I see the movie. Any book suggestions? Maybe this weekend will be the weekend I start studying for the CPA again, times a tickin’ and I know I need to pick it back up. Now I just need to decide what I want to start with. UGH. Oh well such is life, I guess this is what I signed up for.

ANYWAYS I know this is a lot of rambling so I will just let it be here. Hope everyone enjoys their Hump Day!