Things I’m Loving Friday: Gipis Edition

Back in April I ran the Sole of the City 10k here in Baltimore and it was so much fun. I mean it wasn’t fun when I was running it and it felt like 100 degrees, but it was fun after I accomplished something I had never done before. Probably five minutes after we finished I got the itch to sign up for something else. And I’m not your typical, oh let me sign up for a few more 5ks and another 10k, no I jumped right to a 12 mile race. Why because it’s the Charles Street 12 and I spent 4 years of my life living on Charles Street. My direct supervisor (and very good friend) at work is moving in July and we decided to sign up together. It’s a good excuse for her to come back to Baltimore and it’s something fun to look forward to 🙂 About a month ago Alex printed out a Hal Higdon training plan for a half marathon. I marked it up with the week we would need to start and what we were supposed to do each week. Well fast forward to Monday and I realized our training was supposed to start. UHHH that was not happening. I looked and Tuesday we were supposed to run 3 miles, I got overwhelmed rather quickly and almost stopped before I even started.

So I enlisted the help of a friend who just ran her first half marathon. I figured she would have a good training plan and I could modify it or not use it if I didn’t like it. She told me she used an app called Gipis. I immediately searched it in the app store and downloaded it. Let me tell you it is so cool. It asked me a bunch of questions and at the end had a training plan just for me. The more I look and play around with the app the more I like it! It has different phases for each phase of the training: building up, general, main phase, and final phase.

Photo Jun 17, 7 40 33 PM Photo Jun 17, 7 40 38 PM

Photo Jun 17, 7 40 42 PM Photo Jun 17, 7 40 47 PM

So Wednesday started the building up phase. I was still nervous about the fact that I needed to run for 30 minutes, but a lot less intimidating than 3 miles. Hey I am starting out NICE AND SLOW. I am not trying to win the race, just trying to finish and feel good. When I clicked on today’s workout it brought me to a page to explain what it was going to be. I said I wanted to stick around a 12 minute mile to start out with so I could gradually build up my speed.

Photo Jun 17, 7 40 23 PM

I was on the phone with my manager for 45 minutes before I left work and I realllllly contemplating just taking the bus home from work. Then I thought to myself, no I’ll just walk home, that way I still get some exercise. Then I was like NO JUST DO IT. So I put on my workout clothes, locked all my belongings in my desk, and headed out the door. I knew my house was about 2.5-3 miles away from work depending on how you go, so I headed out on a route along the water. Now I knew ahead of time that I suck at pacing myself. That is the biggest reason why I thought this app would be good for me. Throughout my run the app would tell me to slow down when I was going to fast and if I slowed down too much to go faster. It was really awesome, I needed the constant reinforcement to go at the right pace. I can see myself getting a lot of use out this app and it really helping my running. I am very out of shape so I didn’t think I would make it the entire 30 minutes. My feet started to bother me about 20 minutes in and I could feel a blister forming directly on the bottom of my foot, TMI? I don’t care. I had to stop, I mean I didn’t have to, but it’s what felt right. So I walked from there on out. Oh well, may on Friday I will run for a full 30 minutes.

Photo Jun 17, 6 38 12 PMPhoto Jun 17, 6 37 46 PM

I am really looking forward to this training schedule and am going to try everything in my power to do it correctly. I need to not get hurt and I need to be able to run the whole thing on September 5th. Lofty ideas, but that’s what I am all about. Oh and I also need a new pair of sneakers, it’s one of the many things on my list. I highly suggest anyone who is looking to train for a race or to just get better at running look into this app, it is seriously amazing!


MuckFest MS

This weekend was amazing. I attended MuckFest MS in New Jersey with my roommate from college, Erin. A couple of months ago Erin sent a text to our group asking us to participate in MuckFest MS. I immediately jumped on the opportunity considering how Erin’s mom has MS and it is something that directly affects their family daily. I drove up to NJ after work on Friday and arrived around 8pm. Erin casually mentioned that our friend Jenn was 10 minutes away and I kind of brushed it off, like “oh cool Jenn lives 10 minutes away” and Erin was like no Jenn is 10 minutes away. I may have jumped with joy! Jenn arrived and we all headed to the carnival for some fried dough. UGH it was so delicious, but probably not something I should have eaten before having to run a 5k the next day. As Erin talked to every single person at the carnival Jenn and I caught up and it was wonderful. I miss living a stones throw away from all my friends 😦 . When we got back to Erin’s house, Jenn left and Erin’s sister’s friend showed up. The four of us headed to bed and spent about an hour catching up and chatting. Before we knew it, it was midnight and we really went to bed. Fast forward to 6:20am and our alarms were going off for the day. We all get up, got ready, and headed out the door for the MuckFest. We made a pit stop at CVS for headbands and we were off! It took about 30 minutes to get to the event and lucky us we had VIP parking. We checked in, hung out for a bit, and I kept an eye out for my mom who was coming to cheer us on. My mom arrived right before we headed off to the start so I showed her where the other people watching were. Unfortunately most of the course was in the woods in an area where there weren’t people watching, but the first and last couple of obstacles were near the spectators.

















 The first couple of obstacles were completely muddy, but as we made our way into the woods they became less and less muddy. We started by climbing up hills and sliding down into mud pits, then we had to dump over ropes, trek through muddy water, jump off a platform into some water, climb some ropes, do a zip line, swing into the water, swing above some water, jump into an airbag, crawl through the mud, pull ourselves backwards through the mud, and so many more. Oh and we actually had to run as well. It was very interesting and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. Our team, I love my mudder, ended up raising close to $2,500. Erin’s family hosted a BBQ for everyone and it was nice to hang out with a lot of people from the team. I was lucky enough to even have my mom there for a bit which was so nice! She came down to watch the race and trade cars with me. After everyone left for the night, Erin, her sister, and I headed up to their room to watch a movie. Within half an hour, Faith and I were passed out. Hey I can’t help it, I like to sleep.

Sunday Erin and I woke up early to head to the REI garage sale in hopes of finding something nice. I didn’t find anything I needed or wanted, but Erin made out like a bandit. After the sale we picked up Faith and headed to the diner. Oh man do I love breakfast and diners. I got the breakfast quesadillas and they did not disappoint. After we arrived back to their house I decided to hit the road to avoid as much traffic as possible. It took me a little over four hours to get home, which was a little longer than usual. Unfortunately as soon as I hit Delaware I got stuck in a ton of traffic basically until I got back to Baltimore. It was a long day, but I made it! I had such a great time this past weekend and can’t wait until I see Erin again!!!!

June Stitch Fix Box

I received my June Stitch Fix Box this past week. I’ve had the same stylist for a couple of months now and I feel like she really gets me. I ended up only keeping two items, because the others didn’t fit or I didn’t love them. I had requested a pair of white jeans because I have a bunch of darker colored shirts and summery shirts that would go perfect with white pants. Unfortunately they didn’t have any to send me, but instead my stylist sent me off white/grey pants which I think I like even more than the white pants I originally wanted! So score. I am going to be out of town in the beginning of July so I skipped my next box, but can’t wait to get a box in August. I am kind of addicted, it’s so much easier than going to the mall. I feel since I’ve received so many boxes now they understand my style and really my sizes. I also try to leave extremely detailed comments when I send things back and check out. I am clearly not the best photographer, but here is what I got in my box for June:

IMG_3548_2 IMG_3549_2 IMG_3550 IMG_3551_2 IMG_3552_2

I ended up keeping the pants and the blue tank top. I see myself wearing the tank top to work under a sweater a lot this summer and I feel I will get a TON of use out of the white/grey pants. If you are interested in signing up you can here: I will be back in August with a review of my August box!


Oops, I bring the blog back and then disappear. Clearly I haven’t learned from the past. I’ve been busy hopping from state to state the past couple of weeks. Three weekends ago I was home in NH for my youngest brother’s confirmation. During Christmas time he informed me that I was going to be his sponsor. Oh okay, no asking, just telling. All in all it was a great time and I had a lot of fun with him. I spent the rest of the weekend hanging out with my grandmother, mom, and sister. We had a girls day in downtown Wolfeboro and it was gorgeous. I always love being back in town. On Saturday we attended the boys’ track meet. Of course being the best big sister ever I made signs for them. They told me no one pays attention to those signs, but I didn’t care.

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Two weekends was memorial weekend and it was packed with lots of fun things, again in NH. We had Friday off at work so Thursday night I flew into Boston to spend the night with Mary! I took the T into the city and then we walked back to her new apartment which was SO cute!! We had dinner reservations at 8:30 and lucky for us it was right across the street. Friday we woke up, wandered around the city, and then made our way to NH. Mary was joining us for the Laura Mahoney Foundation Fundraiser. The event was a silent auction with cocktail hour and then a live auction, a band, and dinner. It was a lot of fun, but I didn’t bid on anything. I didn’t see anything I really loved and well I am too broke to bid on the live auction items. I mean helllllo I would love a four day ski vacation in Utah. On Saturday we went out to breakfast in Cornish at Phat Boys diner and it was delicious. I just love diners, breakfast is by far my most favorite meal. After breakfast Mary departed back to Boston and my mom and I headed to my brother’s track meet. Two track meets in two weeks, lucky me! It’s so different being a spectator vs actually running in the races way back when. I’m still amazed that those boys run 1 mile in less than 5 minutes. I’ll be lucky if I can ever run a mile in 7 minutes. After their track meet I headed to my grandparents house to spend some time with them before I needed to leave again. It’s hard living so far away and not getting to see them all the time. Sunday morning I went for one last breakfast with my mom and Thomas. The boy never stops eating….three breakfast sandwiches. After breakfast it was time for me to head to my other Grandmother’s house to spend the night before going back to Baltimore. And fun fact, my car hit 111,111 miles!



They were awesome weekends at home and it’s times like these that I really miss those White Mountains. Ahhh NH. But being back in Baltimore is just as nice 🙂