i’m back…at least for the time being

Last week I checked in to apologize for my lack of blogging and to say I wasn’t going to be around for a while. I did however say that I might be checking in today for a special day. Today I get to celebrate my golden birthday with the best friends in the whole wide world. I am also very fortunate to share this special day with my Aunt Robin. So SHOUT OUT TO HER! I woke up this morning to some text messages as well as some facebook posts. My personal favorites are the snapchat from Meredith, my mom’s facebook post, Mary’s facebook post (10 days hollaaaaa’), Taylor’s facebook post, and Fig’s text message. By the way the first text from Fig sent about a month ago was to rub in the fact that he was in sunny Florida celebrating his birthday (which I unfortunately couldn’t attend) while I was in Baltimore in the cold rain. What a great uncle.   IMG_0700 IMG_0701 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 5

Yesterday I did take the GMAT, if you could tell by twitter it was all I talked about on Wednesday. Unfortunately the GMAT tells you what your score is as soon as you are finished so I know I didn’t do to hot. I have finished the application for my program and submitted it so if I need to take it again, I need to take it again. It will be a pain, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Picture 1

I am off to enjoy a day filled with class, two meetings, dinner with some friends, and a night out. I don’t know when I will be back, but have a good weekend blog world!!


This past week I have been fairly nonexistent. Don’t worry I haven’t disappeared completely, I have just been overly stressed with midterms. Next week isn’t looking any better, but I might pop in once on Friday for a special day. This past week was spent studying for my accounting test. Which was hard. It was open book/ open notes but on Monday’s portion I didn’t even have time to look at my notes. Wednesday went much better and ended up saving my grade thank the lord. I am ecstatic about my grade and it isn’t even that great, which is saying a lot. I ended up getting a 78, which was 6 points higher than the average and out of the 25 people in my grade the majority of the class fell in the 70-78 range. Compared to the grades I was receiving last year from this teacher I would say I am off to a great start. He also curves at the end of the year so I have that to look forward to in my future.

As for next week I have a sign language test on Monday, an extremely large homework due in Business Policy on Tuesday, the GMAT on Thursday and a birthday on Friday. Hopefully I can find sometime on Thursday after the GMAT to write up a post, before that my head will be in the GMAT review book attempting to cram as much knowledge as I can into my head. Hopefully someone up above will be looking out for me and grant me the ability to get a good score.

I also made no bake cookies this past week so a recipe will be up soon with that also! God I miss the no bake cookies from KP. As I write this post I am in the library attempting to get some work done before it closes at 5!

Weekend Roundup

Hello everyone, what a weekend it has been! First I just want to say how I didn’t think my accounting teacher would ever attempt to be a nice teacher and he is!! He made us a study guide for our first test (upon our request) and is allowing us to take our test open book open notes. I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!!! I am still going to study as if it weren’t open notes, but this will be so much more helpful. Our class is only 50 minutes long so I really won’t have time to be searching through my notes, but my goal is to organize them in a way that I can be efficient! I will keep you all posted on how it went.


I spent Friday in class until 1 and then had plans to take a nap. Those plans changed as soon as Mary called and asked me to run some errands with her. She needed to go to Michael’s and Target, I couldn’t say no to two of my favorite stores!! We hit up Michael’s first and I ended up containing myself from buying anything. Before we got to Target we passed a TJ Maxx and if you know me, you know I can’t pass up a TJ Maxx. I also needed a dress for the winter formal on Saturday so I figured I could find something cheap. I did, it was a success! I had a list of things to get at Target, simply essentials, some toilet paper, laundry detergent, and taco seasoning. A weird combo I know. I ended up only leaving with one thing not on my list, but it was time I spent the money to get it anyways. That is the only time I have ever left Target with everything on my list and nothing more! For dinner Meredith and I hit up the Towson Diner. She had never been and well I needed to show her what she was missing. It was delicious, I got french toast and a side of two scrambled eggs. Nom Nom. The rest of my night was spent doing homework and being on duty. I unfortunately got a call at 3am about loud people in the hallway. Of course it was my hallway. I dragged myself out of bed and yelled at the kids. I hate boys who think they are the shit, but they just suck. #sorryiamnotsorry


I slept in, which was completely necessary after the above mentioned 3am wake up call. I spent the rest of the morning lounging, eating some breakfast, attempting to get some homework and just being lazy. The afternoon was spent curling my hair and hanging out with some residents. Saturday night was spent at the aquarium. I didn’t get to do the walk through tour because our bus was so late, but I did get my two drinks at cocktail hour. Hey I paid $10 extra dollars I deserve to get my drinks!! The food was okay, nothing to brag about, but I did enjoy the lasagna. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of the night, but I did happen to steal these from someone.

480473_1792985299451_1675785633_n 537806_1792988939542_1435580583_n


Sunday was spent being lazy (again) STUDYING! and driving residents to Giant for my January program. I spent so much time studying so lets hope it paid off for my test!!

five things friday

I know I usually do a Friday Favorites, but I am switching it up. SO instead I give you 5 things Friday. Each week I will switch on and off now.

1. #30dayshred – That’s the hashtag I am going to use every time I do it. I am attempting to make progress, if I can’t force myself to the gym I may as well do Jillian Michael’s in my bedroom. When I do force myself to the gym, I will still count it! So far 3 days strong, I would say that’s progress. My legs kill, my arms hurt, and I hover over the toilet when I go to the bathroom because it hurts too much to sit down. TMI? I don’t care.

2. My last winter formal as a college student is tomorrow. I only went freshman year and now this year. I am really looking forward to it, almost all my friends are going except for Liz. Yes I am calling Liz out because I know she is probably one of the five people reading this right now 😉 Our friends bought VIP tickets so I am looking forward to a preparty cocktail hour.

3. I had a test in one of my accounting classes yesterday. I didn’t prepare as much as I should have days in advance, but I would like to say my 4 hours before cram session went very well. And the hours I was in other classes looking over my notes helped too. Hopefully I will have done well.

4. This season of the bachelor…holy smokes. I can’t say I am happy with the choices Sean made this past week. One, I loved the girl with the one arm. She literally completed every obstacle that was thrown at her. And she just seemed so genuine. Two, REALLY TIERRA! I just hate her, I think everyone hates her. But that is probably why she has been around for so long, that is just how the show works. I pretend she isn’t there. Three, you let Selma kiss you on national television which she said she really shouldn’t do and then you sent her home. I HATE YOU SEAN, at least for this past episode. If you knew you were gonna send her home you should have stopped her.

5. It is finally pay-day. For some reason no one on campus has been paid for the entire month of January. I am not sure if it just a back log typa thing or what. But I realized the other day when my bank account had significantly dwindled. I also realized I need to start picking up more shifts and get the money flowing. A whole summer of no income is coming up and I hate to see what is going to happen.

100 days

In less than 100 days I will graduate college. Where has this year gone?! On Saturday we celebrated 100 days until graduation with another countdown party. Hey we need every excuse possible to celebrate 😉 The theme of this party was Mardi Gras / Masquerade. Originally I bought a plain black mask and some beads. Because I don’t have roommates I force myself upon my friends and make them get ready with me. I headed over to Erin and Annie’s house to hangout with their roommates (they weren’t home) and get ready with them. They informed me of their outfits and I immediately felt left out. I was in luck though because one of their group members was changing her plans and I was lucky enough to buy her outfit off her. It wasn’t your typical Mardi Gras mask, but I was happy with it. We were Darth Vader!

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812764_4471950360261_80585777_o 819163_4622624563475_708327862_o792417_4527627592177_1862948774_o

Overall it was an extremely fun night. I couldn’t ask for a better way to spend the countdown to graduation. Our next countdown is in March and I know it will be here before we know it! As I recovered on Sunday I ate pancakes and then lots of yummy Superbowl food as we cheered on the Ravens. They may have to be my new team, since I will be in Baltimore a little longer 😉