Goals for the New Year

During November I became a Beachbody Coach. I mostly did it to be a discount coach, but I am loving the community. There is so much support and it makes me feel like I can achieve anything I set my mind to. It does help that recently so much of what we’ve been talking about in our Beachbody community can be directly applied to my job. I keep hearing the same things in both places and it’s making me realize more than ever that person development is key. SO below are my goals for 2016!

  • 60 days of Hammer and Chisel – I joined a challenge group starting January 4th. It will be a mixture of people completing the 60 days of Hammer and Chisel or the 21 days of the 21 Day Fix. I AM SO EXCITED! I reallllly want to complete all 60 days and I think it will help a lot in how I feel about myself. 1. being able to say I stuck with something for 60 days and 2. maybe it will change my nutrition, I need a kick in the rear. Happy Hours just get the best of me, although I won’t be cutting those out completely….it’s all about balance right?!
  • Golf – I bought myself golf clubs as my Christmas present during Cyber Week. I can’t wait to get into the sport and hopefully I won’t suck too bad. I might treat myself to some lessons in the spring. I plan on spending a LOT of time at the driving range too.
  • CPA – I could realllllly use some good luck. My goal is to pass at least two of the sections (seriously I need to). I am going to put in the hard work and hopefully it will pay off.
  • Time management – I think I struggle with this the most. I get so wrapped up in what I am doing at work that I lose track of time and then don’t make it home at a decent hour. I need to put aside an hour a day to catch up on things. Obviously work is my top priority, but I need to put aside at least an hour for studying a day, and I hope 1 hour for Beachbody a day. This will definitely be a work in progress, but hopefully by 2017, I will have it down and things will be smooth. It might mean I don’t get to hop in bed at 8:30pm, but that is okay with me 😉
  • Read – I would LOVE to read a book a month. Whether it relates to personal development (I’ve got a couple on my list) or whether it is just for fun.

I think this wraps it up for my goals, maybe in 2016 I will check in once a month with how they are going! What are your goals for 2016?


Time for a check in

Wow sorry everyone, the last time I checked in was October 23rd. YIKES almost two months ago. Well I’ve been busy, doing what I’m not quite sure 😉

Let’s back up to the end of October and I will try to remember all of the little things that have been taking up time in my life.

  • October 31st – Inflatible 5k with my Aunt, Uncle, and two cousins. I drove down after work on Friday and spent the night with them. We got up early and headed into DC for the race. It was so much fun and a great time was had by all
  • November 14th – Huff and Puff 5k. Our company volunteers at Paul’s Place once a month to serve lunch as well as volunteering when other opportunities arise. There were 8 spots open to employees and some of my friends and I decided to run. It was one of the only cold weeks in November, but it was a fun time. The race was followed up by work and a Sunday spent at the office working as well.
  • November 22nd – I took a section of the CPA, still didn’t pass. Womp Womp. Clearly I need to re-prioritize my life because I am sick of not passing and really need to start passing.
  • November 23rd – the longest day at work ever. One of my biggest clients has a deadline of November 30th, but that coincides with Thanksgiving so we always go final before Thanksgiving break. I arrived at work at 7:15am with munchkins and coffee and didn’t leave until 12:15am (the next day :o) Seriously the longest day ever, but it was necessary.
  • November 24th through November 30th – DISNEY!! We spent Thanksgiving with one of my mom’s brothers and his family. It was so much fun and it was the perfect vacation. Lots of time spent in the parks, but I still managed to get in a few naps 😉
  • December 12th – I spent the night with my cousins from bullet point #1 so their parents could go to a holiday party, we played monopoly, ate froyo, and went to bed at a decent hour. They only live an hour away, but I don’t see them nearly enough! I am hoping to change this in 2016!
  • December 13th – Ravens Game! My manager at work had Raven’s tickets that he wasn’t going to use so he offered them to me. I took my roommate and we had a great time. We got our exercise in since our seats were pretty high up, but we had a lot of good laughs 🙂
  • December 19th – the Nutcracker! One of my friends at work threw the idea of attending the Nutcracker out there and I scooped up the idea. We bought tickets and went to the show. We got there a little late due to some unforeseen car problems, but we made it and had a blast. The girl sitting directly in front of me had a big head that was hard to see around, the girl sitting next to her was super drunk (why I’m not sure…), the guy behind me was snoring and asked during the first half multiple times if it was “halftime” I don’t think he or his wife came back after intermission.
  • All of December – work. work. and more work. I am reallllly looking forward to heading back to NH for Christmas and see some of my long lost friends! Making a special trip to Boston for New Years Eve to see Mary and I can’t wait to soak in all the friend time we’ve been missing. This year has been busy for everyone and sometimes we are all bad at keeping in touch.


I can’t believe it is almost 2016. I think this is going to be a big year for me. I turn 25, I’ve got some lofty goals I want to achieve, I’ve got a new hobby to learn and hopefully not suck at to much. I am really looking forward to it and am crossing my fingers I don’t hit a quarter life crisis!!!

Galley Foods

Oh My God. I am not huge on getting food delivered. I would rather go out to eat, but I think I’ve been transformed. I was taking the elevator in my building a couple of weeks ago and saw a sign for Galley Foods. I didn’t really think anything of it at the time, but the next time I got in the elevator I decided to actually read the sign. Oh a food delivery service that was like actual food. Not Chinese food, not pizza, not your typical delivery food. They delivered dinner. Real home cooked dinner. I thought, I could get on board with this. So I downloaded the app and got to reading about it. Basically Monday through Friday they have three or four different dinner options (I think in some areas they even deliver lunch). Each day the menu changes and the price varies between $12 and $16 dollars. It might seem a little expensive, but it includes tax, delivery fee, and tip. Which most delivery does not. I haven’t ordered a $16 dollar meal, but they are newer and were introduced when customers said they wanted bigger portions. In my opinion the $12 meals I’ve ordered have been plenty of food for me. I am really hoping this company does well in Baltimore and sticks around because I see myself ordering it often during busy season when we are allotted $15 to spend every day we work over 11 hours, which is everyday. It was the easiest thing ever to order and I think that is something else that drew me in. When you place your order you get to pick when you want it delivered. I’ve been using it as a way to force myself to study for a couple of hours after work before dinner. Usually I get home, cook myself something and then have no motivation to study. So the couple of times that I’ve ordered I’ve scheduled it for 7:30-8pm so I have time to study when I get home before vegging out on the couch to watch whatever show is on that night. The first time I ordered I got a text message a couple of minutes before my food arrived. The delivery person told me they would be showing up soon and to preheat my oven to 350 degrees. A couple of minutes later I got an email with heating and plating instructions. It was really neat and I appreciated the heads up so by the time my meal arrived I wouldn’t have to wait an additional 15 minutes just for my oven to preheat. Below are the three meals I’ve tried; apple cider pork, pasta with rosa sauce, and chicken pot pie. If you want to give it a try, you can use this link, it gives you your first meal free! I have really been enjoying the service and I think anyone in the Baltimore/DC area will enjoy it as well!!!


Blue Apron

I know I’ve talked about Blue Apron before, but I hadn’t gotten a box since last March when I accidentally forgot to cancel a week. Well again I accidentally forgot to cancel a week and got an email two weeks ago saying my box was on it’s way. Whoops. Oh well I thought, I just won’t grocery shop this week. I have enough for lunches and my dinners will clearly be all taken care of. OH boy am I happy I forgot to cancel my box. This one was most certainly my favorite and I wish I could make these three meals often. On the menu was pizza, salmon, and mixed mushroom tacos. My box came on a Saturday and when I got home from class I picked it up from the front desk and went home to unpack it. Sara volunteers with a shelter on Saturdays and doesn’t get home until late so I asked her if she wanted to join me and split a Blue Apron meal. She said of course so we decided on pizza for dinner because lets be real, weekends are for pizza (case in point we had pizza last Friday for dinner). I prepped the meal while she was gone and right as she walked in the door the pizza was ready. It was a plain cheese pizza with mozzarella cheese and spinach and it was to die for. I will definitely be recreating it another time. I think the best part of the pizza (for me at least) was the honey and red pepper crushed drizzle that went on top. OH MY GOD the spicy but sweet really nailed it for me. The whole meal was delicious.

Next up was the salmon and farro salad that I cooked on Monday night when I got home from work. There was a lot that went into prepping this meal, but it was all worth it. The salmon was perfectly cooked and the salad added an extra touch. The farro salad was dressed with a mustard type vinaigrette. Also in the salad was cut up apple and brussel sprouts. I’ve never been a huge brussel sprout eater, but I think I’ve found a new way to enjoy them! I was so happy to have left overs on Wednesday when I finally got around to eating them! I didn’t want to stink up the kitchen with salmon at lunch time.


The last meal in my box was the mixed mushroom tacos. Now I am not a mushroom eater, never have been and I never really thought I would be. But these tacos may have changed my mind. There were two different kinds of mushrooms that were used and they were cooked which I think helped my palate. Along with the mixed mushrooms were pickled onions which were interesting. I’d never had pickled onions, but the flavor was unique and I think it added a lot to the tacos. And on top of the onions and mushrooms were friend avocados. I wish the coating for the avocados was thicker, but that may have been my faults. I also managed not to burn myself while frying them which in itself is a huge accomplishment for me.  Overall the meal was good and I enjoyed a new and different way to eat mushrooms.

I recently discovered the Blue Apron had an app for the iPhone. When I first started out with Blue Apron they didn’t have an app so it was neat to see that they finally had one. I quickly downloaded it and enjoyed peaking around the app. It even lets you upload pictures and add some things to it. The picture above is one I took and then used the app to make it look nicer. I think I will be using it more often and I see a couple of boxes in my future! If you want to try it out, I would highly suggest it!

What I’ve Been Up To

Here is my typical three week check in. I’ve had a lot going on and not much time to check in. Just this past weekend I was a part of the Baltimore Running Festival. I joined a relay team with some of my co-workers and ended up running the second leg which was 7 miles. I was really afraid because I hadn’t run since my poor performance at the Charles St. 12, but I knew I just had to go for it. I ended up running the fastest I’ve ever run and was completely shocked and so happy with it. It may not have been fast for others, but for me it was perfect. Right after I started I found myself behind two girls who were running the full marathon. I decided to stick with them as they seemed to be running a pace that worked for me. After a mile my phone let me know we were running about a 10:45 mile which again was quick for me. I usually like to take things nice and slow and don’t really push myself (it’s something I need to work on – pushing myself that is) so I was worried about being able to keep the pace. I told myself to stay with them and try to hold on to it. For the next two and a half miles i kept with them and was pleased. If I can get through three to three and a half miles I can usually keep up the pace I’m on or get a second wind. Most of the first half of the leg was through a couple of small rolling hills but for the most part downhill (my knees were really feeling that yesterday). Miles two, three, and four were all faster than the one before and I was again so happy. BUT by the time mile 5 rolled around we had finally made it into downtown and were at the last bit. Unfortunately for this leg you run past your transfer spot for another mileish and then run back. It felt like the turn around spot was never going to come. I just kept hoping for it, but never saw it UNTIL we got to the Under Armour headquarters. I was so thankful to see the turn around and knew I would be done soon. Mile six and seven were a lot slower, but by this point I was starting to wish for the transfer spot to appear. Even though they were slower when I finished I felt good. I never once through the race felt like I was going to die, which was a great feeling. I think the weather played a huge role in this. When we all met up at 6:45 it was really cold, felt like fall in NH cold, but by the time I started running around 9ish it had warmed up a bit. Just enough for the perfect fall run. I tried to hydrate a lot on Thursday and Friday leading up to race day because I know I don’t drink enough water when I’m not sitting at my desk (and I’ve been out of the office for the past month) but I believe I did a good job staying hydrated. After about two miles I came across a water stop but was feeling strong so I didn’t stop. I honestly don’t think it would have helped any if I had, but by the time I got to the water stop around the 4th mile I was more than ready for water. At most of the water stops they also had oranges, bananas, bags of chips, and GU packets which was a great way to get a little pick me up. Overall it was a great time and I left feeling very proud of myself. I think the 10k distance is my distance, this was longer than a 10k, but just enough. I feel like during a 5k I don’t have time enough to warm up to my full potential and anything longer than 6 miles I have trouble holding on until the whole time. Granted if I properly trained maybe a half marathon would be my distance, who knows. I have a couple of fun 5ks coming up that I’m looking forward to and then still trying to decide whether or not to run the Sole of the City 10k again. It unfortunately is on April 16th and we have a big party on April 15th every year to celebrate a special day. So I will have to ponder on that idea a bit since I really wanted to try and do the B3 challenge, but maybe 2016 just isn’t the year.