the problems of evil and science with a moral control

So instead of being a normal college student, I am once again staying in doing something stupid. Tonight I will write my 5 page theology paper and my 3 page stellar universe paper. My life is extremely interesting if you can’t already tell. Right now I am currently taking a break from these papers as I have no idea what I want to write about….awesome. 

Quote of the day courtesy of Nicole Perone: 
‎”Next time you have butterflies in your stomach, be glad; that’s the sound of life knocking at your door – welcome it.”

Hibachi: that was interesting. Yummy food, creepy kid that sat next to erin. Very uncomfortable.

Nora loved her birthday gift, and I dropped the hint of what I want and I think it is safe to say I may be getting the Martha Stewart Cupcake Cookbook!!! MY LIFE WILL BE COMPLETE WITH THAT BOOK.

Okay picture of the day. Day 08: A picture that makes you laugh

This picture makes me laugh because it defines Liz and I. This picture was taken on Liz’s birthday night when we all went out to Murphys which was interesting. This year Liz and I have gotten to become really good friends and I am very glad. Overall I just love this picture and thinking back to how ridiculous we were acting makes me laugh. 

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