If you asked me 4 years ago…

..where I would be today, I would not have said where I actually am today.

I never would have thought I would be in an honor society (or graduating with honors)

I never would have thought I would be an RA

I never would have thought I would have studied abroad and felt that three months was too short

I never would have thought I would be living in Baltimore for the next couple of years (or longer, who really knows)

I never would have thought I would have made the friends I have (I think I found some good ones 😉 )

I never would have thought I would be running a 1/2 marathon in a little over a month (honestly still shocked about this one)

I never would have thought I would go on a cruise for spring break senior year

I never would have thought I would miss home!

sorry all

I everyone, sorry I have been MIA. I am trying to get my (excuse my language) shit together. It is taking longer than expected, but I should be back with an update soon!!

Week 4 Review

Well another iffy week, but I managed to finish it. Like I said in some earlier posts this week I took a couple of days off it ice. My knee had been bothering me and I wanted to take time to let it get better. The RA on the other side of my hall had surgery on his ACL and MCL right before spring break and luckily had an ice pack he let me borrow!!


So after three days of icing and resting I ran again on Wednesday. It wasn’t pretty and it was slow, but I managed to get in close to four miles in 42 minutes. I took a break on Thursday and had all intentions and even excitement for my run Friday morning. It was only supposed to be an easy 2.5 miles because I had 5 to do on Saturday. I woke up to the pouring rain on Friday morning and obviously a run did not happen. WHY DOES THE WEATHER HATE ME!? I woke up on Saturday not wanting to run, but knowing I had to get a run in or I would be screwed.


5 miles later and I was done. I have never run more than 3.1 miles so I was beyond stoked when I finished this run and felt good. I have been telling myself once I get past a certain number of miles it will get easier. Honestly with my 5 miles I felt like it got easier after 3 miles. Like 3 miles was this huge hill I had to get to the top of and when I did everything would be smooth sailing. Obviously it wasn’t smooth sailing, but it felt easier than the first three miles. My foot started tingling around mile 2.5 and I am not positive why. I need to figure that one out, I am just assuming it is my feet swelling in my shoes. But it was only one foot so who knows (does anyone know?). I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I feel good. I mean I didn’t run it very fast, but I was just proud I did it. This may be me just being an amateur running trying to get in my groove 😉


It is funny to look at the two times and the number of miles and compare. Only about 10 minutes more and a mile more. Rest day on Sunday and back to running on Monday! I am hoping to get some other workouts in during the week to get up my endurance.

Picture 2


Never Have I Ever…

run 5 miles. And as of 8:25am this morning I had. I was extremely nervous when I started running and thoughts ran through my head. “What if I can’t finish it, What if I have to walk the whole thing?!?!” I wanted to start slow so I did, and then my second mile was a bit faster. Right at the beginning of my run (about 1/2 mile in) I run around a loop, I decided to run it three times. Once I had run it once it was easier to run it faster the second time. I gave myself a goal to get to and then I could walk for a little bit. I made it there walked and ran as soon as I told myself I would. I gave myself another goal to get to and as soon as I was done with the small walk I ran the rest of the way. I did have to stop at two stop lights so that put me back a little bit. In total I walked .4 miles so less than 1/2 mile and that is good with me!!

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A Random Survey

I have seen this survey on a couple of blogs recently and I haven’t posted in a while (my life is boring) so I figured I would pop in and do the survey!!

Eleven Question Survey

1. In baseball each player gets a “walk up song” that plays on his way up to the plate. What song would you pick?

My “walk up song” would be Jock Jams MegaMix, I love this song. It always seems to just pump me up!
2. What’s the best thing that happened to you last weekend?

I spent time with my friends and ate at a Baltimore Classic.

3. If you could have a starring role in any film already made, which movie would you pick?

I would pick Ally in the Notebook, I’m a sucker for a good romcom sue me 😉
4. What actor/actress would you have play you in a movie of your life?

If I could pick one actress to play me in a movie about my life I would definitely pick Emma Stone. I think she is hysterical and gorgeous. And I basically love every role she has already played!

5. What is your favorite quote?

At the moment it would be: Happiness is only real when shared – Into the Wild

6. What was your first concert?

ah my first concert, freshman year high school – Sean Paul and Rihanna, unfortunately Rihanna was sick and didn’t appear.

7. What Internet website do you visit the most?

Facebook, Moodle, Hulu…anything to waste my time!

8. Which of Snow White’s 7 dwarfs describes you the best and why?

Sleepy haha, I love sleep. Probably too much, but I don’t care. I love naps, sleeping in, going to bed early.
9. If you were on death row, what would your last meal be?

Something Mexican, probably tacos and quesadillas with lots of GUAC!! A big dessert buffet with all the best!!

10. What is the background of your computer?
11) Who’s your favorite cartoon character and why?
Oh favorite cartoon character…hmm that is kinda hard. I guess off the top of my head it would be Ginger from As Told By Ginger, she is pretty awesome.
Now it’s your turn! Answer one or all questions in the comments below.