lots of fun and exciting things

1. Hurricane Sandy (okay not fun)…we survived. We were extremely lucky here in Baltimore. The power never went out, there were not to many trees down, and not much flooding. At least near school. Others were not so lucky, many students at school are from NY and NJ and some even lost homes. It is incredibly sad that people have to go through that.

2. Halloween, that was fun. I had one of the most horrible headaches I have ever had on Friday night so I decided to stay in and sleep. It felt nice to have no pressure and be able to sleep in for a while. Saturday we celebrated my friend Taylor’s birthday and went out. I dressed as Wilma and was quite proud of my costume. It came together in about an hour right before we were ready to leave. I strung together a ton of ping-pong balls to make the necklace and then refashioned my toga from senior 250s into her dress. Mary did a fabulous job of cutting, pinning it together for me. Tonight I am going out (for the first time on a school night!) and Liz and I are dressing as Mary Kate and Ashley from their Halloween Movie, Double Double Toil Trouble!!

3. Senior 200’s, my costume is coming along quite well. Liz and I are dressing as tacky safari tourists and we have been accumulating pieces for our outfit little by little. I can’t wait until the day is here and we can get all dressed up!!

4. Spring break, I officially booked my plane ticket yesterday. I am headed to Puerto Rico! At least to get the cruise ship and head out on a new fun adventure with some awesome people. I have never been on a cruise, and its on my bucket list so I am really looking forward to it.

5. Thanksgiving, it is coming so quickly. I am looking forward to seeing all my family, it seems like it has been forever. And it will be nice to have a long break, a whole week (my classes got cancelled for the Tuesday before). A hair cut is in order and I am really looking forward to it. I haven’t it cut in over a year!!!

So those are the things I am looking forward to in the coming months. Lots of things happening, everything seems to be going by in a flash, but I am trying to enjoy it as much as possible too.



Last week I registered for my last semester as an undergraduate student…scary. I was lucky enough this semester to get a 7:30am registration time. This is awesome because I got almost first preference. I had to work 4-8am the same day as registration so it was perfect, I didn’t have to get up early because I was already up! I decided to take 6 classes to try to squeeze in some extra credits. My schedule next semester looks like this:


  • 10-11:15am Introduction to Dance


  • 12-12:50pm Advanced Accounting


  • 10:50am-12:15pm Introduction to PR
  • 1:40-2:55pm Business Policy
  • 3:05-4:20 Introduction to Advertising
  • 4:30-5:45pm Accounting Information Systems

I am pretty excited about this upcoming semester. I am taking some different classes other than my normal business classes so it should be interesting.

life of a resident assistant

I haven’t talked about my role as an RA recently. I really think this year has been much better in the sense of my adjustment. I am not trying to live up to the expectations of those before me, I am making my own expectations. During training we spoke a little bit about why we became RAs and I was shocked at how many people became RAs because they didn’t like their RA their freshman year or they felt like their RA hadn’t been there for them and they wanted to be there for someone like themselves.

This was not my reasoning, but I could see how it could be others. It really resonated with me and I decided I didn’t want my residents to be using this excuse next year if they decided to become an RA. I have taken some steps to prove myself worthy of each of my residents.

First I learned their names, and I learned them quickly. When I spoke to them, I would address them by their names so they knew I knew who they were. We were required to have 1:1’s with each resident. My supervisor told us they didn’t have to be formal which I think also made a big difference. I wasn’t going to talk to my residents because “I had to” I was having a conversation with them in passing or if I walked by their room and saw their door open.

Second, I let them know I cared. When I did room inspections in September, I made it clear that I was not “out to get them.” I was doing these inspections because I had to as well as to make sure there was nothing dying in their rooms and that they were livable. I also made it known to them that I didn’t want them to fail room inspections. I was really only there to make sure they were not endangering their safety or their health.

Third I have had programs that they have wanted. My residents asked for a program to eat ice cream sundaes on a Sunday and that is what we did. They wanted to watch a movie, that’s what we did. I want my residents to come to my programs, to do that I need their input on what they really want.

Overall this semester is going by pretty quickly and pretty great. I really love all my residents and they are a great group of people. I am looking forward to the rest of the semester and next semester.

College Cooking At It’s Best

I am trying to perfect the act of college cooking, in a small college dorm room without a stove or oven. Pinterest has become my best friend when it comes to finding easy, CHEAP meals. I have used my crockpot and toaster oven for this a lot. This past weekend I used my toaster oven to create a pizza roll.

Not the best picture, but you get the point.

This was one of the easiest meals I have ever created. I used three ingredients, and it look less than 15 minutes to prep and cook!
It might not have been the healthiest, but at this point easy and cheap is what I am looking for. Also it gave me a two meals, for a normal person it may have given more, but I was hungry during the first meal.


  • Pillsbury Pizza Dough
  • Pepperoni
  • Cheese


  • Follow directions on dough package for preheating oven
  • Roll dough out on a cookie sheet
  • Place pepperoni along dough, cover with cheese
  • Roll dough into large roll
  • Cook in oven for 10-15 minutes depending on dough

Rolling up the pizza roll!

Waiting for the Pizza Roll to be done.

Like I said one of the easiest things I have ever cooked. Granted my pizza roll did not turn out perfect (some of the dough didn’t cook enough) it was delicious. I will definitely be making this again, and I would suggest anyone who needs a quick meal also make this. ENJOY!!

Webers Farm!

This post is going to include some pictures, but they are all from my phone so the quality is not awesome. Anywayssss this past weekend at school was fall break. I didn’t go home because the price of plane tickets was unreal. Instead I took a million (or 4 1/2) shifts at work and a duty shift. I also ran some errands, oh and went to Webers Farm!

Webers Farm just happens to be right down the road from Liz’s house so I got to be the direction guru because I knew exactly how to get there (I felt pretty cool). Some of the RAs on my staff were having a program to go pumpkin picking this past weekend and myself as well as some other RAs decided to tag along, but drive ourselves so we could leave when we wanted. My main goal of this trip was apple cider donuts.

I actually wanted to purchase every single thing in that cute little store. I didn’t get a pumpkin because I don’t like the insides when you cut them open and I would have nothing to do with a jack-o-lantern. Instead I contained myself to an extent. Along with the donuts, I also got Caramel Apple Break…SO GOOD! I am not the hugest apple cider fan, but I got a cup of it because “When in Rome.”

I am so happy I got to go. I didn’t think I would be able to make it out to the farm this year so I am extra happy. I know if I am still in Baltimore next year, I will be back again.