Another Monday

Hi all! It’s Monday again, I feel like they keep coming quicker and quicker. I am okay with it being Monday though because it two days I’ll hop on a plane and be back in NH for a long weekend! I am excited to be home although I wish the circumstances for the trip were different. I arrive early Wednesday morning and already know I have a packed day ahead of me. I am most excited to see the newest addition to our family, a kitten named Piper!! I was never a cat person until Bella came to live with Sara and I and now I am mostly a cat person.

Lets back up quick and I’ll catch you up on my life. Last week I arrived home from Colorado with a cold. I never get sick so I figured it would pass that first day, but it didn’t. I had a dentist appointment Wednesday and after that I headed to the store to pick up some Dayquil/Nyquil. Even though I took the Nyquil that night I still slept awful and felt even worse when I woke up in the morning. Waiting for the bus was miserable and I thought I would pass out from having hot flashes (TMI? I don’t care). I thought about working from home, but there is just something about saying you are sick after being on a week long vacation. So I stuck it out at work, but made a trip to CVS to buy the Nyquil syrup to take instead of the pills. I don’t know if it was just the placebo affect, but I passed out Thursday night and felt 100 times better Friday morning. I am still feeling a little sick, but almost all of my symptoms are gone, which is good I didn’t want to get back on a plane on Wednesday feeling so sick.

I spent Friday night trying to really kick the cold and then woke up Saturday to clean the house. Saturday night I went to dinner with Meredith, obviously to get sushi because we don’t eat anything else 😉 I went to bed early Saturday and woke up Sunday craving a Dunks iced coffee. It was so needed and I spent the rest of my morning finishing cleaning the house as we were expecting our landlord to come by with a realtor. I spent the rest of Sunday just hanging out around the house relaxing.


Breckenridge Colorado

Since my last post was basically a novel on just my travel day I decided to break it up and share what we did the rest of my trip in this post (or maybe another one as well…it was seriously the best). Since I arrived on a Wednesday I knew Lacey would have to work on Thursday. Originally I was supposed to go on a hike with Buffy, but plans changed and we never ended up going. I hung out around Lacey’s house all day, basically catching up on my sleep and all the TVs shows I’ve missed since I’ve been working late. I mean I’m on vacation right, laying in bed all day is totally acceptable. When Lacey got home we went to the grocery store to buy groceries for the week and also headed to the liquor store (we spent a lot of time there this weekend…I mean it was a holiday weekend). When we got back into town we picked up her boyfriend, Trevor, and his roommate and we all went to Lacey’s to have tacos for dinner. It really hit the spot and I’m glad we had them because we all ended up going on Breck Cruisers, a biking bar crawl. It was so awesome. The theme was red, white, and blue. Of course being me I didn’t pack nearly enough red, white, and blue so I just wore the clothes I was wearing. Also I probably haven’t ridden a bike since the summer I bought my beach cruiser (yikes four years ago). I rode Lacey’s road bike and now I feel like I need one too. Anyways, back to the bar crawl, we arrived about an hour late, but still with plenty of time to hit up three of the bars on the crawl. The group was a lot of fun and we made some friends. I couldn’t believe Lacey had never been to it before and I feel like with a huge group of friends it would be so much fun.

After the biking bar crawl we went home since we knew we were going to have a big day ahead of us on Friday. Friday morning Lacey’s friend from college, Sarah, was supposed to arrive and then we were going climbing. Sarah arrived around 9 and we headed out the door. We had to hike up a bit before the rock climbing spot, I was definitely winded by the time we got up there. I had never been rock climbing on real rocks before so I was unsure if I was going to do it. After watching Trevor, Lacey, and Sarah climb I knew I needed to also. I don’t know where this fear comes from, but apparently I am afraid of heights. I made it about three quarters of the way up and then decided I wanted to come down. I think I could really enjoy the sport if I went more often, but getting used to the shoes was really hard for me. It started the rain towards the end of our time and we all decided to call it quits and head home. By the time we got home and pulled ourselves together, our friend Emily arrived and we were heading out the door to attend a cookout at someones house. We spent the rest of the night around a fire just hanging out before deciding to hit the hay so we could be rested for our 4th of July festivities.

Photo Jul 06, 12 28 12 PM

When we woke up on Saturday we made blueberry pancakes and drank mimosas, we attempted to make it to the parade, but the buses were running late and we never made it. Around noon we all headed to Trevor’s with a couple of other people. But first we needed to make a stop at the liquor store. We got to Trevor’s played some card games and drank some more mimosas before heading to a park where we could sit outside and play some out door games. Being myself, I tripped down a small hill and tore apart my ankle, whoops (4th of July = 1 Katherine = 0). We hung out at the park for a while before heading into town to grab some food at a bar. Emily and I had the nachos while Lacey and Trevor played corn hole. The nachos were delicious! After the nachos we wandered around town for a while running into people we knew and just hanging out. We eventually ended up at a bar with a fire pit and just hung out for a while which was really nice. After that we wandered around some more and around 1 headed home. We all passed out and slept like rocks.

Photo Jul 05, 2 56 59 PMPhoto Jul 04, 10 12 13 AMPhoto Jul 04, 9 58 49 AMPhoto Jul 04, 6 49 06 PMPhoto Jul 04, 4 44 56 PMPhoto Jul 04, 4 36 14 PMPhoto Jul 04, 5 57 56 PM

When we woke up on Sunday we knew we needed breakfast so we headed back into town to grab some much needed breakfast. After that we headed back to Trevor’s house and all hung out laying on the couch and playing some more card games. Around 3:30 we decided to head to the store to buy some hot dogs, corn, and pasta salad for our impromptu BBQ so Emily could say she ate a hot dog on the 4th (err 5th). After our BBQ it was time to head back into town to watch the Women’s World Cup game. We showed up 10 minutes into the game and the US had already scored two goals. Within a couple of minutes, we watched them score two more which was so crazy. We watched the whole game and I’m kind of ashamed that this was the only one I watched. After the game we were all exhausted and headed back to Lacey’s to just relax. Sarah and Emily headed home, I passed out on the couch and it was a perfect weekend. I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in so long! I probably hadn’t seen Emily in close to two years and it was so great to catch up.

Photo Jul 05, 12 23 37 PMPhoto Jul 05, 12 15 52 PM

Monday I woke up, packed my things up, took a shower and waited for the bus into town. Since Lacey had to work again I decided to spend some time exploring the town at a different pace than the other days we were there. Lacey had suggested Clint’s Bakery for breakfast sandwiches so that is exactly what I did. I ordered a delicious almond joy mocha and an sausage, egg, and cheese on an everything bagel. I found a table and spent about an hour and a half eating and reading my book. It was so relaxing and so nice. After Clint’s I wandered in and out of stores trying to determine if I wanted anything. I knew I wanted a long sleeved shirt and I found I believe the perfect one. Lacey had suggested the Hat Company when I said I wanted some new rings. I was in luck and they were having a buy two, get one free so I got two new rings and a new pair of earrings. After about another hour I decided to head back to Lacey’s since it was starting to rain. I took the bus and got to see some more of Breckenridge which was awesome. It is such a neat little town and I absolutely loved my time there. I can’t wait to come back and visit again.


That vacation was so needed. It’s been extremely busy at work and I reallllly needed that week long vacation. I hadn’t seen Lacey since Christmas and before that I hadn’t seen her since the Christmas before. It was not okay and I knew I needed to change it. In January I asked Lacey when she thought it would be the best time to visit (obvi it would be winter, but I can’t do that with my job) and she said around the 4th of July would be good since she would have a day off. I was sold, I booked a ticket and counted down the days until it was time to board the plane.

Photo Jul 01, 8 36 24 AM

I had originally bought non-stop ticket that left Baltimore at 9:50am and arrived in Denver around 11:30, but after really thinking about it I decided that was unrealistic and I wouldn’t want to sit in the airport for five hours waiting for Lacey to get out of work. So after contemplating my options, I switched my flight to a one stop flight, but I wouldn’t need to change planes. I thought it would be perfect and I’d arrive in Denver around 3:25pm, so I would only have to wait about an hour and a half or so. I could definitely entertain myself for that long. Well I didn’t end up so lucky and as we were flying into Houston there was some bad weather. They had the plane circle in from another direction, but by the time we started to do that the pilots realized we needed gas and we would need to go to Dallas. So we flew into Dallas, was sitting on the tarmac for about an hour while the gassed up the plane before we would need to head back to Houston. We arrived in Houston around 4pm their time, I quickly texted Lacey to fill her in and let her know she didn’t need to leave work early. By the time we left Houston it was after 5pm and we had about a 2 hour flight to Denver. We finally landed in Denver around 7pm Denver time, which means I was on a plane from 10:45am to 9pm Baltimore time. It was a long time to say the least.

Photo Jul 01, 9 43 39 AM

After I got off the plane I called Lacey as I struggled to find my way out of the airport, Denver airport is a lot bigger than BWI. I finally made it to the outside and found Lacey. As I was getting in her car, I kept complimenting her on it since it’s new and it’s the first time I’ve seen it. All of a sudden someone pops up from the backseat and basically mimics me. At first I thought it was Lacey and I thought that it was weird that she was coming into the car from the backseat behind me and then I realized it was Buffy! Lacey had picked up Buffy on her way to the airport and the three of us made the journey back to Breck together. It was so great to see Buffy and I really enjoyed catching up with all of them. Buffy completely freaked me out that I would be getting sick from the altitude and when we stopped to get gas she went in to get me a water. I will say though, I stayed hydrated for the majority of the weekend because of her. We got back to Lacey’s around 9pm and hung out for a little bit before both passing out.

Photo Jul 02, 12 21 47 PM


Hi from Colorado!! I’m currently in CO visiting one of my best friends since kindergarten! But more on this next week, for now I’m here to tell you about our trip to DC last weekend! We decided to take the commuter train from Baltimore to DC which was probably the best decision. It cost us $16 round trip and we could leave and come back whenever we felt like it. We got to the train station right around 9am for the 9:15am train, grabs some dunks and headed to the train. We were in DC a little after 10am for our day long adventure. We really had no idea where we were going when we got to DC and just kind of wandered around until we got our bearings. We probably should have picked up a map somewhere, but oh well. We ended up starting at the Capital, the Supreme Court, the Library of Congress and a couple of other buildings over there. Of course when we saw the statues in the water we needed to recreate them. We are mature I swear.

Photo Jun 28, 10 39 14 AMPhoto Jun 28, 10 45 17 AMPhoto Jun 28, 10 46 54 AMPhoto Jun 28, 10 47 33 AM

After visiting that area we headed to the Botanical Gardens, and then some museums before heading to the National Mall. By the time we made it to the mall we were starving so we stopped for some hot dogs, chicken wings, and a pretzel. It was perfect and just what I needed at the time. After eating we headed to the Air and Space Museum which is probably my favorite museum. It is just kind of amazing what has happened in the air and space. After the Air and Space Museum we headed to the Washington Monument because Jess wanted to save the National History Museum for after lunch (spoiler alert: we never made it back to the National History Museum). We wondered around the Washington Monument and then headed towards the White House. We got to the White House right in time to take a few pictures before the Secret Service/Police shooed everyone away.

Photo Jun 28, 10 57 42 AMPhoto Jun 28, 11 24 38 AMPhoto Jun 28, 12 27 06 PMPhoto Jun 28, 12 27 37 PMPhoto Jun 28, 12 35 52 PMPhoto Jun 28, 12 50 55 PMPhoto Jun 28, 1 01 30 PMPhoto Jun 28, 1 15 41 PMPhoto Jun 28, 1 16 15 PMPhoto Jun 28, 1 16 21 PM (1)

By the time we finished at the White House we were again hungry for a real lunch, unfortunately the police had closed off a ton of streets and our options were very limited. We ended up at a little restaurant near George Washington University. It was good, but not super delicious and our waitress was not the best. As soon as we finished we headed towards the Lincoln Memorial, stopping along the way at the Vietnam Memorial. We spent some time at the Lincoln Memorial taking pictures with Abe before we needed to go on our last adventure of the day.

Photo Jun 28, 2 53 05 PMPhoto Jun 28, 2 54 03 PMPhoto Jun 28, 2 57 03 PMPhoto Jun 28, 2 58 05 PMPhoto Jun 28, 2 58 20 PMPhoto Jun 28, 2 58 53 PMPhoto Jun 28, 3 52 54 PM

By this time we were all complaining about how we were feeling. It was a long day on our feet and we weren’t sure how much more we could do. We thought about taking a petty cab to Arlington Cemetery, but decided against it when they said it would cost $25. Instead we walked and walked and walked until we got there. We went and saw Kennedy’s grave as well as the unknown solider. We actually made it right in time for the changing of the guard so that was really cool to see. By the time all of that finished up we decided to take an Uber to the train station and hop on the soonest train. We arrived back in Baltimore around 6:30 and spent the rest of the night sitting on the couch drinking our beer from Saturday’s adventure. It was a short, but awesome trip with friends and I am so glad they could make it down. There is still so much more i wanted to show them of Baltimore, but it’s hard to do when its raining one day and a trip to DC the next. I guess that means they will have to come again!

Another hiatus

Eeeek sorry for the hiatus! I’ve been busy playing, working, and trying to catch up on sleep. One of the bigger clients I work on have a deadline coming up so it’s been crazy busy at work. The past two weeks have been 7:30am-9:30/10pm days and it’s quite draining. Life of an auditor I suppose! Two weeks ago my friend Meredith and I grabbed dinner after work on Friday and we tried a new to us restaurant, Barcocina. I had been wanting to try the restaurant for a while now so I am glad we ended up there. I enjoyed the meal, but had higher hopes, oh well! Of course we can’t be in Fells and not get Kilwins so that was our dessert stop of the night.

Photo Jun 19, 5 42 38 PM Photo Jun 19, 6 57 22 PM

I have a vacation coming up this week and last week some friends from home were visiting. They arrived late on Friday night, so late that I had to take a nap 😉 Lucky for them we found a parking space two blocks away from my house within five minutes. We immediately climbed in bed for our plans Saturday morning. We set our alarms for late morning and it felt so wonderful to sleep in. The only reason for the alarm was Sara and I had an appointment to see a new apartment (which we will be moving into)! I dragged Emma and Jess along and it was quite the adventure. I originally had plans to take them to a bottemless brunch, but by the time we got out of the apartment appointment it seemed too late before our next activity so we just got normal brunch. It was delicious and just what I was craving. After brunch we walked about to our house and filled out an application for our new place. Before we knew it, Jess, Emma, and I had to grab and Uber and head to Heavy Seas Brewery. When I found out they were coming I had NO idea what to do with them, add in the awful rain we got on Saturday and I was really unsure. Emma said she wanted to do while she was here and she suggested a brewery so I enlisted the help of the guys at work and was pointed in the direction of Heavy Seas. We signed up for a 2pm tour and arrived just in time. It was really busy at the brewery when we arrived, but it seemed to thin out while tours were going on. We attended the hourish long tour and learned a lot about how beer is made. With our tour we got five samples. We chose a table on the enclosed porch and started getting our samples. It was nice because I felt like I could try the different types of beer they had and really get a sense of what type of beer I like. I ended up loving the Gold beer and need to find it in a store ASAP. After we finished our samples and ordered a full beer we decided it was time to head home, but before heading home we had to get a Growler. We each got 64oz Growlers of different beer so if we wanted we could drink all the kinds. By the time we got home we were starving and we ordered pizza to drink with our Growlers. A perfect night to just relax at home and catch up. We ended up heading to a bar down the road from my house for a couple of houses to keep the beer drinking alive! We didn’t stay out too late as we had an early morning the next morning. A trip to DC! More on that in another post because this is already a novel!

Photo Jun 27, 2 55 01 PM (1) Photo Jun 27, 3 04 34 PM Photo Jun 27, 3 10 38 PM Photo Jun 27, 5 40 34 PM Photo Jun 27, 9 13 49 PM