drum roll please.

Nothing says welcome to the real world like your car overheating and signing a lease. I HAVE A PLACE TO LIVE!! dun dun dun dunnnnnn. Last night after class my roommate and I officially signed our lease and put down our deposit. Come August we will not be homeless! After many many months of not finding the perfect place (and not settling) we were completely happy with our decision.

Last week we spent all Wednesday driving around visiting 5 places (we even cancelled 2 places). This place was the cheapest of our visits and we thought for sure there would be something terrible about the place. The house was in the area we wanted, walking distance to so many things, public transportation on our street, 2BR/2BA. It was perfect, for us. We really didn’t see anything wrong with it and were so excited we put in an application on the spot. There was another couple there putting in an application at the same time and they were sweet talking the landlord, trying to slyly one up my roommate and myself. Come on if you are 31 (that’s how old they said they were) you should be able to afford more than what my roommate and I can afford coming right out of school, and it was under our top budget. We let it go and on our way out thanked the landlord and told her it was our favorite place. As a follow up the next day we sent her our offer letters and another reminder that we loved the house, but would need to keep searching if she didn’t think we were the right fit.

After not hearing from her for a couple of days, I assume as she made her decision, we took a big step and decided to offer her more money. We were a little apprehensive, but considering we had budgeted for 250$ more dollars than the rent currently was we figured an extra $50 wouldn’t break our bank. She got back to us saying she had picked us and our offer for more solidified the deal. We were shocked and so happy, we could barely speak when we were on the phone.

The place is cozy, but we both don’t need much space. We can be happy with little. After thinking about it more, I like the idea of cozy because maybe it won’t take as much to heat and cool the place! We can save some moola on utilities. All I want to do is plan how I want our little apartment to look and I cannot wait to move it. Granted it will be a bummer to have to start cooking all my food again (thanks amber!).

In other news it’s Friday and the weekend is upon us. I plan to do nothing, but be lazy and read Mindy Kalings book! Hopefully the weather will cooperate and be nice. I’ll be at home next week so I may or may not be posting. We shall see how exciting my life gets. It probably won’t be, the most exciting thing on my agenda is a dentist appointment.

i lied

So I lied, I don’t actually have exciting news for today..whoops! Hang around for Friday morning, by then I should have something exciting to share.

Yesterday was the end of one of my classes. THANK THE LORD!!!! It was my writing class and it’s over. It is tough business having a lengthy writing assignment due twice a week with not a lot of time to prepare. A new class starts soon to take its place, but I get a week off. Well not really, instead my Tuesday and Thursday morning classes are just double upped tomorrow and Tuesday.

Last week I got my official start date. I cannot wait! I am beyond excited, but extremely nervous. I have started new jobs before, but my longest job last years and I was so comfortable there. It will be a brand new start. To be honest, I am completely afraid of failing. Of not being able to do the work correctly, to falling behind, to just not being good enough. I assume this is what most people feel like when they start jobs, but it just seems completely overwhelming. At least I still have another three months to completely prepare myself. Wow three months, seems like a long time, but I know it will be here before I know it.

I have been reading up a storm, a million books a month and I should have some reviews up soon. I am going to create a page at the top of the blog about the books I have read. First though let me tell you about this audiobook I started. Oh boy, since my commute is a little over an hour two days a week I have some time to spare. In the morning I listen to a talk show, but in the afternoons I kinda just space out. I decided to get the first Harry Potter book on audiotape. So far I am 7 chapters in and am so happy I decided to do this, and when I finish I’ll move on to the next book. I actually own the 4th book on audiotape so I have experienced the books on tape before and had loved it previously.

Do you listen to audiobooks?

ps shout out to my youngest brother for graduating 8th grade yesterday, I can’t believe he is headed to high school!!

fun facts monday?

1. Sorry to have been absent for last week, I was busy house hunting! And also doing homework, and seeing some friends (hi liz!!).

2. If you follow me on twitter you know I looooove to complain about all my school work. It is still a pain, I am trying to get the hang of it. I seem to do alright when I don’t have a boat load of reading for one class. When my teacher assigns us a normal amount of reading I can usually do it in one night, leaving the next day dedicated to my other class. Then when I finish I treat myself by watching all the shows I missed in my Hulu Queue.

3. I read this article last night before bed: http://www.buzzfeed.com/fivezaj/21-disney-channel-movies-you-should-re-watch-this-a8zp and I can tell you by the end of my summer I will have watched all of them!

4. I also read somewhere that The Babysitters Club is on Netflix, yah I will be watching that as well. If 7th Heaven can’t be on Netflix I should satisfy my Netflix hunger by Babysitters Club. Helllllo show from the 90s, literally it was only on in 1990!

5. I have this to-do list, I never get anything done on it. I have had call becker on my to-do list since the end of the school year, still haven’t gotten to it. I am not ready to order my study books for the CPA. I sure will be happy in about two years when I am done studying for anything I have to. That is unless I decide to get a masters. ugh school.

6. In a week and one day I will be home!!! I cannot wait to see all my peeps, sit on the beach all day erry day and go to the dentist eat my grandmothers delicious cheesy potatoes (yes I’m a fatty but I do not care!)

I might have some fun news coming your way on Wednesday, keep your eyes open!!

What is on your to-do list today?

apartment hunting

I have briefly mentioned it on the blog a couple of times that my roommate and I have been apartment hunting. Well we have been apartment hunting for SO long, like since March! We weren’t exactly sure what we were looking for so starting early was good for us. We searched high and low to find what we liked; we ultimately decided on a townhouse feel in an area that felt like us. We weren’t positive we wanted to be in the city, but just recently decided that is the place for us at this time in our lives.

Well we keep striking out and it sucks. Last week we went to meet with someone who was looking to fill two places in her house. It was an August move in and $50 over our original budget, but we figured it was worth a shot to go see it. We both loved it and really enjoyed the girl who is currently living there. We went home hoping she would choose us as her new roommates, but knew we would have to wait to find out (at least a week). Wednesday we got an email from her saying her landlord had put the house up online and had started showing it to people. Okay doesn’t seem to bad. Oh wait and he raised the rent and each of our rents would go up by $100. EEK we were already a little over our budget and just weren’t sure. We each sat down and took a good look at our financials. It was decided that we could afford it and not go broke (depending on how we chose to spend our money) so we texted the girl back. Well we never heard back from her so we assume it’s a no go.

I spent a long time on Friday scouring Craigslist for available places in our budget (a modified one) that would allow us to move in during July/August. After emailing too many places and not getting enough responses we are seeing four-six new places on Wednesday. We need to catch a break so I am hoping a break comes from one of these. This has been extremely stressful on top of all the other stuff we have to do and I would love for the process to be over.

scrapbook summer

I used to scrapbook, I was probably 13 and had nothing better to do. I have been wanting to get back into scrapbooking for a while. I think it is a great way to put a ton of memories in one place. I first considered scrapbooking again after I came back from abroad. All these fabulous pictures in countries I may never see again. I wanted them all in one place to look at forever. But I never got around to it, school got busy, I got busy and I sorta forgot.

Since this summer consists of school work and homework only (with some apartment hunting thrown in) I decided I wanted to try and scrapbook. I have dubbed this summer scrapbook summer. I am going to scrapbook my senior year in college because there were a lot of defining moments that I would love to have in a book. After going through my pictures I realized I really did not take that much so I have harassed all my friend to send me pictures to include. Most of them have and they are so great, I cannot wait to include them. So the first step is done, I have all the pictures I want and I have organized them.

The next step is getting my materials. I signed up for Michaels so I could get coupons so I am waiting for a big coupon to come out. Or I might start slowly and just buy the book, and stuff for the first couple of pages. I think that might work better for me. I have finally gotten a handle on how to manage my time with my homework so I am really excited to get started at some point. I am going to doing some posts about the process as I go along. I cannot wait!!


is anyone a scrapbooker?