The Decision is….

I am dropping my intermediate 2 accounting class. I took my second exam yesterday and my teacher graded it last night. Today I met with him and we discussed my options again. After thinking about it and looking at everything realistically we decided this would be the best decision for myself.

I registered to take Auditing in the summer,  last week so now I will have to register to take intermediate 2 as well. So I will be taking two classes!

From July 16th-August 23rd I will be living in Baltimore. Because I am an RA next year we have to move back to school two weeks early anyways I will already be here at school so that is a plus. Seems weird to think that After July 16th the next time I will be home for a good chunk of time is at Christmas next year. WOW that’s pretty crazy, and then after that who knows what will be happening, but I am not getting WAY to far ahead of myself.

So as of right now those are my plans, I am hoping that only having two classes to focus on will help me tremendously the second time I take this class.


14 years ago today, I got a little brother! Today Thomas turns the big 1-4. I can remember when I turned 14 and it seems SO long ago. It seems unbelievable that next year my wittle brother will be a big bad freshman. ahhh its so weird! Here is a slideshow of his life.

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So if you have been following for a while, last year I went through a stunt where this was a food blog. That lasted about two weeks until I could no longer afford to randomly buy fun things and try cooking with them. I have a page on the blog designated solely for the recipes I have tried. Recently I have been trying to get a little creative with my dinners, I was getting bored quickly.

I have had a few good dinners, and a couple of flops too. I plan on sharing these throughout the next month. My most recent dinner that I want to make again is Coconut Crusted Chicken Tenders. OH MY LANTA they were so good. I am currently on a coconut kick and putting coconut of everything or in everything just sounds so good me.

Get ready for some recipes coming atch ya’. I have a few salmon recipes, some dessert recipes, a few chicken recipes and maybe a few others thrown in there. Hope you are hungry!!!

pet peeves

Recently I have been thinking a lot about things that get under my skin. I swear I am not an irrational person. Cleaning…seriously it is not that hard. You have one responsibility all work; not cleaning the living room is ridiculous. It is the easiest room to clean. As well as leaving dirty dishes in the sink for days upon days when we have a rule that all dishes get washed at the end of the night. How about putting away dishes, but not putting them in the right place? Take two extra minutes to put them in the correct spot, it makes all our lives easier.

Phones. Everyone has them, not everyone needs to know every single second you get a text message. PUT YOUR PHONE ON SILENT, or vibrate if you are going to take care of it the minute it start vibrating. I do not want to be sitting in my room trying to do homework and every five seconds hearing a phone go off ALL THE WAY IN THE LIVING ROOM!

The bathroom. I am not sure why four girls are going through so much toilet paper, but we are. When you are done with a roll, PUT A NEW ONE ON. Once again not that hard. And why don’t you once and a while, buy some toilet paper or for that matter any cleaning supplies we need. Three of us should not be held responsible for buying everything, it is not okay.

The morning. If people are sleeping, do not turn on all the lights. ITS RUDE. Do not leave the door open. ITS RUDE. Spending 25 minutes in the bathroom when three other people are trying to get ready. RUDE.

But I swear I am a completely normal person, with completely realistic standards.

the debate is on

The debate is on about the new rules that must be met in order to keep your job as a desk assistant, and its going to be a long one. For those of you who do not know being an RA is not my only job on campus, if it were I would be one broke student. I am also a desk assistant, which is a great job because not only is it flexible, but I can also get homework done while working, SCORE! Because this job is so relaxed there have been some issues in the past. Some of these issues are skipping the biweekly meetings to schedule, skipping work, not trying to find someone to cover for you, not taking the required two shifts a week (is it really that hard?). So the debate is on, these are the new rules:

They are fairly standard and I think easy to obtain. I try to look at this job as if it were a real job anywhere else. I think some college students forget this and act as if this job is “fake” should we say.


So a consideration for probation is being 15 minutes late. Considering our shifts are four hours long this seems a little strict, but would you be late to a different job? No probably not, if you were late at another job you would probably be punished also. It is not just the fact that you are late, it is the fact that you did not let someone know you were going to be late. Most people are willing to stay an extra 15 minutes if it is necessary. There are completely ways around this one. So if you are late and you get on probation, sorry but I think that one was your fault. Missing a scheduling meeting unannounced to our Desk Coordinator is grounds for probation. I think this is 100% fair. Coming into the job you are told that every other week on Sunday there is a scheduling meeting. So every week you should be aware of if you have a meeting or not. There is no reason to miss a pre scheduled meeting, it did not just pop up out of no where. If you need to miss the meeting at least tell your Desk Coordinator so they know. Guests behind the desk; everyone breaks this rule. We are not allowed to have guests behind the desks, which makes sense, but in all honesty if you are doing your job correctly and your guest doesn’t distract you from doing your duties is that wrong? I believe if you can do your job to the ability that you would be able to if there wasn’t a person sitting behind the desk with you why not let them sit there. Four hours can be really boring without a friend.


Being fired is a scary thing. I believe the one rule for termination is a fair rule. Just like the rule of missing a meeting to be put on probation, missing a shift falls into the same category. You know you have to work, no one calls you five minutes before and tells you. We schedule in advance for this reason. If you have a shift at 4am set an alarm, if you don’t wake up for your shift or you go out the night before so your extra tired and you hit snooze to many times. That is clearly your own fault. You know you have to work ahead of time and should set as many alarms as you think necessary to make sure you get up in time. There has never been an incident where I have slept through a shift and I have been working at this job for the past three years. It is your responsibility to get to work on time and at all. Granted if you have to miss a shift, but you try to get someone to cover it that is a whole different category and as it says in the rules is to be determined by your desk coordinator. I have never had someone not pick up a shift that I needed covered. Most people are really good about this.

So what do you guys think? If you actually made it through this whole post, haha. I truly think all of these rules are fair and going into this job you know what your responsibilities are. There are so many kids on campus that want/need jobs and if someone isn’t going to do what they are supposed to, then give the job to someone who will.