Boordy Vineyards

About two weeks ago I was thinking about having my Saturdays back. Flag football would be over and all I would have is uninterrupted study time. I knew I didn’t want that just quite yet (even though it’s what I need). Sara and I love our wine so I started looking up wine tastings we could attend on a Saturday. Some of my friends in college had been to Boordy so I immediately looked it up. $5 tasting and tour?? SIGN US UP!  I talked to a coworker who we went to school to and invited her as well. Another one of our accounting friends from school lives in the area so we asked her to join us too!!

Last Saturday was the day and it started out with a visit from our landlord about our water issues. I did get some studying in though, so that was a plus. I needed to mail out my stitch fix leftovers that I didn’t keep from my second box and the post office closed at one. So we headed out around 12:30pm made a quick stop at the post office and were on our way. GPS said we would get there at 1:15pm whoops only 45 minutes early.


On our way to the vineyard Sara was saying how much she was craving Wendys and there aren’t any close to where we live. About two minutes later we drove past one. You better believe we stopped there on the way home! Since we arrived 45 minutes early we thought we would just walk around, but we ended up just buying our glasses early and snatching up a good table.

IMG_2163 IMG_2164

Once Lauren and Morgan arrived we decided to go in and get our tastings. With the $5 tasting we got 6 samples. We tried all the “fun wines” they had and then one icon of Maryland. I loved all the fun wines, but my stomach was starting to hurt a little because they were so sweet. One of them we drank warm, not like room temperature warm, but keep warm in a crockpot warm. It was a weird sensation and I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around it, but I enjoyed it. We really dropped the ball and didn’t bring any food, but we did buy a bottle of wine to split while we all caught up.

IMG_2166 IMG_2167

We ended up buying the icons of Maryland Riesling and it was a fantastic choice. We spent about two hours just catching up. We hadn’t seen Morgan since graduation and since we are all accountants (we are cool I swear) we had lots to talk about. It is nice to hangout with people who do the same things you do and understand why you usually cancel plans to study.


Lauren, Sara, Morgan



IMG_2181 IMG_2173 IMG_2182 IMG_2180

I will definitely be back to Boordy and I will probably be purchasing their wine on my next trip to the wine store. Next time I will be prepared with lots of snacks and more friends!


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