Stitch Fix round 2

Round two was a lot better than round one! I originally scheduled my box for a couple of weeks ago, but found out I would be out of state for work and didn’t want my box to come when I wouldn’t be home. The first box I scheduled came a day later than I had originally scheduled it for so I scheduled this box for a Friday thinking I would be home when it arrived a day late on Saturday. The email I got saying my package had been shipped and it would arrive on Monday, uh what. No. I want it Saturday. Well I was in luck because when I got home on Friday there was a note in my mailbox saying my package had arrived and was hidden. HOLLLLLLA’ I was so excited, what a perfect way to end the work week. I immediately tried on everything. In my box was a dress, two shirts (one sleeveless and one long-sleeved), a pair of pants, and a cardigan.


I ended up loving the dress and the cardigan. I only kept the dress because I felt the price tag on the cardigan was a little steep for me right now. The pants were made of jeggings material and I’m not total into that material at the moment. The sleeveless shirt was adorable, but I just felt I wouldn’t wear it a ton and wanted something I would wear often. The long-sleeved shirt was the worst out of the box. I didn’t like the style or the cut and I looked extremely large in it. This box was a lot better than my first box. I felt it was a little more my style, but not 100% there yet. This is understandable as it’s only my second box and the stylists are still trying to figure out my style.IMG_2145 IMG_2148 IMG_2149 IMG_2150 IMG_2151

I scheduled my third box for December and now I am counting down the says until it comes! I also have been whoring out my referral code, so if you wanna sign up feel free to use my code!


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