Happy Thanksgiving all! 🙂 Instead of the usual Thanksgiving routine which is spending it with my moms family I will be spending it just with my family here in Maryland. Plans changed about a week ago and we decided not to head up to CT. I’m sad I am missing my family, but in the end it is probably better for me as I have a CPA exam on Sunday that I need to be studying for!! This is only the second Thanksgiving I haven’t spent with them and the first was when I was abroad. Oh England how I miss you!

Even though this week was only a three-day week (or two and a half) it seemed to drag on from Monday. It didn’t help that my senior all week just kept talking about how excited he was for Thanksgiving. He kept saying he felt like a kid on Christmas. Which is exactly how I felt yesterday when I received my travel monitor. I have become quite the computer snob since starting work. We get a laptop and then a larger monitor at our desks. Most of what we do we need two screens for. Well a lot of us travel for work and you can’t bring your big monitor with you so they had a couple of travel monitors. They didn’t have enough and when people complained too much they decided to buy everyone their own. I am one happy girl now, last week we came back to the office early because I COULD NOT finish my work on one screen. I needed to be looking at two things at once and it just wasn’t happening. Three things will be making my life even more awesome.

Another awesome note on this week, I paid off one of my student loans and boy did it feel good 🙂 Being an adult has its advantages I guess. I have one more I plan on paying off before New Years and then the last one is a doozy and will take me a while. Switching gears again (I’m a little ADD today) I am this close to being finished with my November book. I didn’t think I would get to it because of all the studying I needed to get done, but for the past week I have been going to bed extra early and will read for an hour before I fall asleep. Well that’s all I have for everyone today, hope you all enjoy your turkey!! 🙂


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