I am spending today in class…boooo. And tonight we are having a HUGE…I mean huge thanksgiving dinner. There are about 50ish people that are going to be there, and I am dumb and volunteered to make potatoes. I have no idea how to make mashed potatoes, I know its not that hard, but I have never made them before. AWKS. I hope I can manage to make a good batch of potatoes. I miss everyone at home and wish I could be eating dinner with all of you, but I will be home soon!




3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. You do realize that you have to PEEL all the potatoes first, don’t you! Unless you use red potatoes – they can be used will with skins on. Peel reg. pots. and cut into pieces. Then boil them until kind of soft/tender (in salted water)…drain….then mash. Add milk while beating with mixer and add a bit of butter at the same time. Sometimes a bit of half & half or heavy cream is good to add, if you have it. Serve with a dollop of butter. Other folks add seasonings sometimes. The hardest part is peeling them – especially for 50ish people!!!!
    HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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