Galley Foods

Oh My God. I am not huge on getting food delivered. I would rather go out to eat, but I think I’ve been transformed. I was taking the elevator in my building a couple of weeks ago and saw a sign for Galley Foods. I didn’t really think anything of it at the time, but the next time I got in the elevator I decided to actually read the sign. Oh a food delivery service that was like actual food. Not Chinese food, not pizza, not your typical delivery food. They delivered dinner. Real home cooked dinner. I thought, I could get on board with this. So I downloaded the app and got to reading about it. Basically Monday through Friday they have three or four different dinner options (I think in some areas they even deliver lunch). Each day the menu changes and the price varies between $12 and $16 dollars. It might seem a little expensive, but it includes tax, delivery fee, and tip. Which most delivery does not. I haven’t ordered a $16 dollar meal, but they are newer and were introduced when customers said they wanted bigger portions. In my opinion the $12 meals I’ve ordered have been plenty of food for me. I am really hoping this company does well in Baltimore and sticks around because I see myself ordering it often during busy season when we are allotted $15 to spend every day we work over 11 hours, which is everyday. It was the easiest thing ever to order and I think that is something else that drew me in. When you place your order you get to pick when you want it delivered. I’ve been using it as a way to force myself to study for a couple of hours after work before dinner. Usually I get home, cook myself something and then have no motivation to study. So the couple of times that I’ve ordered I’ve scheduled it for 7:30-8pm so I have time to study when I get home before vegging out on the couch to watch whatever show is on that night. The first time I ordered I got a text message a couple of minutes before my food arrived. The delivery person told me they would be showing up soon and to preheat my oven to 350 degrees. A couple of minutes later I got an email with heating and plating instructions. It was really neat and I appreciated the heads up so by the time my meal arrived I wouldn’t have to wait an additional 15 minutes just for my oven to preheat. Below are the three meals I’ve tried; apple cider pork, pasta with rosa sauce, and chicken pot pie. If you want to give it a try, you can use this link, it gives you your first meal free! I have really been enjoying the service and I think anyone in the Baltimore/DC area will enjoy it as well!!!



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