Blue Apron

I know I’ve talked about Blue Apron before, but I hadn’t gotten a box since last March when I accidentally forgot to cancel a week. Well again I accidentally forgot to cancel a week and got an email two weeks ago saying my box was on it’s way. Whoops. Oh well I thought, I just won’t grocery shop this week. I have enough for lunches and my dinners will clearly be all taken care of. OH boy am I happy I forgot to cancel my box. This one was most certainly my favorite and I wish I could make these three meals often. On the menu was pizza, salmon, and mixed mushroom tacos. My box came on a Saturday and when I got home from class I picked it up from the front desk and went home to unpack it. Sara volunteers with a shelter on Saturdays and doesn’t get home until late so I asked her if she wanted to join me and split a Blue Apron meal. She said of course so we decided on pizza for dinner because lets be real, weekends are for pizza (case in point we had pizza last Friday for dinner). I prepped the meal while she was gone and right as she walked in the door the pizza was ready. It was a plain cheese pizza with mozzarella cheese and spinach and it was to die for. I will definitely be recreating it another time. I think the best part of the pizza (for me at least) was the honey and red pepper crushed drizzle that went on top. OH MY GOD the spicy but sweet really nailed it for me. The whole meal was delicious.

Next up was the salmon and farro salad that I cooked on Monday night when I got home from work. There was a lot that went into prepping this meal, but it was all worth it. The salmon was perfectly cooked and the salad added an extra touch. The farro salad was dressed with a mustard type vinaigrette. Also in the salad was cut up apple and brussel sprouts. I’ve never been a huge brussel sprout eater, but I think I’ve found a new way to enjoy them! I was so happy to have left overs on Wednesday when I finally got around to eating them! I didn’t want to stink up the kitchen with salmon at lunch time.


The last meal in my box was the mixed mushroom tacos. Now I am not a mushroom eater, never have been and I never really thought I would be. But these tacos may have changed my mind. There were two different kinds of mushrooms that were used and they were cooked which I think helped my palate. Along with the mixed mushrooms were pickled onions which were interesting. I’d never had pickled onions, but the flavor was unique and I think it added a lot to the tacos. And on top of the onions and mushrooms were friend avocados. I wish the coating for the avocados was thicker, but that may have been my faults. I also managed not to burn myself while frying them which in itself is a huge accomplishment for me.  Overall the meal was good and I enjoyed a new and different way to eat mushrooms.

I recently discovered the Blue Apron had an app for the iPhone. When I first started out with Blue Apron they didn’t have an app so it was neat to see that they finally had one. I quickly downloaded it and enjoyed peaking around the app. It even lets you upload pictures and add some things to it. The picture above is one I took and then used the app to make it look nicer. I think I will be using it more often and I see a couple of boxes in my future! If you want to try it out, I would highly suggest it!


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