Charles Street 12

I came, I saw, I conquered. JUST KIDDING. I mean I did go, I did see, and I finished, but I wouldn’t necessarily say I conquered. It was an early morning. I woke up bright and early at 4:45am. I had laid out all my clothes the night before so when I got up I got dressed, stretched a little, and ate some breakfast. Alex picked me up at 5:30am and we were on our way to the office to park the car. Since the buses left from Power Plant we decided to park in the office parking garage (thanks Bri for letting us use your parking pass :)) We boarded a bus around 5:45am and by 6am we were at the start line. We thought the race started at 7am, but it actually started at 7:30am so we had PLENTY of time to prepare ourselves. Thankfully since we got there so early there weren’t many people so we could use the bathroom and just hangout before it started. Around 7am Liz and Brandon arrived so we talked with them for a while before the start. The race started at on time and we were off. I wish I had trained more/better. I knew I didn’t put my all in and it really showed. The first 6 miles are rolling hills and then a couple after that. I was not properly prepared and around mile 3/4 I started to reallllly slow down. I told Alex to keep going and not wait for me since I didn’t want to hold her back and I knew I would be fine. I ended up needed to walk A LOT, but I managed to keep all my miles under 12 minutes (except the last mile….that one was rough). My goal was to run 12 minute miles, slow but steady I told myself. I knew if I needed to walk a bit, I also needed to run faster when I did run so that was what I did. It was really nice to run through Charles St. as I spent four years of my life on Charles St.  For the first 8ish miles I knew exactly where I was, but for the miles 8-10 I kind of knew. At mile 10 we entered Fed Hill and again I knew exactly where I was. It was a little harder because I knew exactly how much farther I needed to run and it felt like it would never end. I crossed the finish line around 2:27 (not exactly positive, and I can’t find my name on the results so I don’t know my actual chip time) and my MapMyRun said 2.29.20 (for 12.25 miles, since I started it a little early and ended about two minutes after I finished). As for the weather, it got hot, very quickly. We spent a little bit of time at the after party, but Alex wanted to get home and I needed a good stretch with my foam roller. I spent the rest of the day stretching and sleeping. Welp that’s all I got for you guys.


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