Girls Weekend 2015: Cape Cod Edition

Wow I feel like I was just in Cape Cod, but I guess that was over two weeks ago! Where has the time gone? It seems to be flying by without me even noticing. So a couple of weeks ago I got together with some of my favorite people from college. We’ve now been out for two full years and it was time to all be in the same place at once. It was an interesting trip, but I wouldn’t have traded it for anything.


My alarm was set for 3:45am and I needed to be outta the house by 4am. The past two times I’ve flown this summer I’ve literally had to run to my gate to make my plane. So I figured for my 6am flight, I should be to the airport in between 4:30/4:45am. Well I arrived at 4:45am and security wasn’t even open! Thankfully it opened up right after I got in line. I had some time once I got to my flight and caught up on emails. My flight took off on time and I landed in Boston around 7:30am. I took the blue line into the city and hopped on the Ferry. Thankfully I got to sleep on my plane and on the ferry so by the time I arrived on the Cape at 10:30am I was pretty rested. Erin picked me up at the ferry and we wandered around Ptown. She parked at the Monument so we ended our day by walking up to the top. The views were beautiful and I realized (again) how much I love the beach and beach towns.

Photo Aug 19, 12 49 31 PMPhoto Aug 21, 2 40 52 PM11951383_10153089024581711_2129481075201733223_n

We got back to Chatham around 2pm and hopped back in the car to make the trek back into Boston. Erin forgot I was coming on Wednesday and had made plans to attend the baseball game. I had decided to stay on the Cape, go to bed early, and just veg out BUT then I changed my mind and made plans to grab dinner with Nora in the city. Nora and I wandered around the Pru and then grabbed an appetizer and drinks at Cask N’ Flagon where I ran into an old friend from Huckins. Small world I tell ya. Around 10pm we headed back to the Cape and I was glad I ended up going back into the city. It was later and I could tell Erin wanted someone to talk to in the car. We arrived back around 12:30am and headed straight for bed!


Erin and I woke up ate some breakfast and went on our first adventure, kayaking! We headed out on a threeish hour kayak ride. We got out at the lighthouse, walked around the beach before heading back. When we got back we quickly ate lunch and then headed out for a sail with her grandparents. Her grandparents have a beach house right down the road from hers so we walked over and then spent the afternoon with them. The wind was perfect and the water was calm so the ride was wonderful. It was nice to catch up with her grandparents and learn a little about sailing. I hadn’t seen her grandparents since we think graduation so it had been a long time! After we got back, I took a very cold shower to help my sunburn (shocker right?!) and then passed out on the couch. When I woke up we ate a quick dinner and headed out with Erin’s cousin and his friends for some drinks at the Squire. We made it back home around 11pm and by 11:30pm the next guests had arrived, Nora and Cait!!



Friday we woke up to a text from Liz saying she had landed. We are all really bad at communication and thought she was coming at night, so we told her to get on a bus and make her way to the Cape. We drove to Hyannis to pick her up at 11:45am. After we grabbed Liz we headed to the grocery and liquor store to pick up all the essentials for the weekend. It was cloudy and kinda gross out so we spent the afternoon hanging out playing yard games at Erin’s. Around 2:30pm Mary made her way to the Cape and we were finally all there! Erin’s grandparents invited us over to dinner so we headed over there before the band concert. Erin told us we had to attend the band concert, so we all hopped in the car and made our way to the band concert. We stayed for one sing along and then headed to the Squire again. We grabbed a table and some drinks and all caught up. It was so nice to be with my friends and get all caught up. We even made it home before midnight. We pulled out all our snacks and devoured those pizza rolls 😉

Photo Aug 21, 7 46 17 PMPhoto Aug 23, 8 25 47 PM


Saturday we woke up and wandered around Chatham before going sailing with Erin’s grandparents again. Unfortunately the weather was rainy and the water was choppy. It didn’t matter though it was all nice to hang out with friends. Saturday night when we were playing some cards, we realized Erin’s basement had flooded and not just a little water in the basement. The water was higher than our ankles!! After a couple of hours unflooding the basement we were exhausted, but mustered up enough energy to make dinner. We spent the rest of the night completely exhausted just hanging out.

Photo Aug 23, 8 25 36 PMPhoto Aug 23, 8 25 07 PMPhoto Aug 23, 8 25 03 PMPhoto Aug 23, 8 24 59 PMPhoto Aug 23, 8 24 50 PMPhoto Aug 23, 8 24 42 PMPhoto Aug 23, 8 24 38 PMPhoto Aug 23, 8 24 34 PMPhoto Aug 23, 6 38 11 PMPhoto Aug 22, 3 47 02 PMPhoto Aug 22, 2 20 38 PMPhoto Aug 22, 2 13 34 PM


Sunday morning we woke up and it was gross out again, we ate breakfast and around noon we all headed out. Liz and I caught a ride back to the city with Mary. Mary, Liz and I spent a couple of hours wandering the city before heading back to Mary’s apartment. I took a power nap and then it was time for dinner. Liz and I headed to dinner down the street from Mary’s before taking the T to the airport and spending the rest of our night waiting for our plane to take off. Finally at 10pm our plane took off and around 12:30am I was back in my bed in Baltimore. It was an awesome weekend with some of my favorite people, but I was also happy to be back in Baltimore ready to finnnnnallly be in our apartment for more than two nights in a row.


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