Where Have I Been

The answer is all over the place: Baltimore, NY, Baltimore, Cape Cod, Baltimore. This summer has kept me busy that is for sure. I had written another post and then my internet crapped out and I lost it. SO a post on my trip to the Cape will be coming the next couple of days. Instead I figured I would fill you in on what has been going on. I’ll start at the beginning of August (can you believe today is the last day of August?!?!). We spent the first week of August packing up our old house and on August 10th we moved. It’s hard to believe that we spent two years at 2630 Fait, but at the same time it felt like we had been there forever. It was the perfect transition house for us and we definitely have a few memories there 😉 I certainly grew up in that house and a lot happened in my life while living there.

Photo Aug 10, 6 27 13 AM

Don’t worry though we didn’t move far away, just down the street and around the corner! We’ve moved into an apartment complex and so far so good 🙂 It’s a two level apartment and we’re almost completely unpacked. I know three weeks later we should definitely be unpacked, but this past week was the only week I slept here every night! We still have pictures to hang and things to organize, but it’s ours and it feels like home. We are even right next door to one of our favorite restaurants, my favorite running path, and a bus stop!

After we moved in, I immediately hopped on a train to NY. Like Tuesday morning at 6:15am and I was in NY for work by 8:45am. It was a crazy 24 hours, but it needed to be done. Luckily while I was there I was able to get dinner with my good friend Jenn. It’s always SO nice to see her and I wish she lived closer to Baltimore (or in Baltimore)! BUT now that she is moving into her first apartment, I see some visits in the future!! My busy week didn’t end there and Thursday we were back in the office. One of the managers at work had given me and one of my coworkers tickets to the Ravens game so Thursday night we went. I had never been to a real football game so it was really exciting! We walked up every stair in the stadium, but it was worth. Although we did miss the first quarter where all of the good players play and they had fireworks (which I could see from my Uber on the highway) and two touchdowns.


That weekend was spent unpacking, figuring out my room and getting used to the new place. I ran 8 miles (my longest to date) in preparation for the Charles Street 12 (which I think I might die during, I don’t know why I do this to myself). It was back to work on Monday for a short week. On Wednesday I was flying to Cape Cod!! I’ll leave Cape Cod for another post because it was a great long weekend, but teaser….Erin forgot I was coming Wednesday! Photo Aug 13, 6 04 00 PM Photo Aug 16, 9 51 29 AM


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