A month later…

And I’m back. So let’s back up to the last time we spoke (ergh I typed). Last time I checked in I was about to go home to NH for a quick family visit. One thing I didn’t let on in that post was that I had been promoted at work! I’ve know since the middle of June, it was “affective” July 1, but no one in the office found out until July 15th. On the 15th we got an email with everybody who got promoted throughout the company, it’s always cool to see who else got promoted in what office. I jumped right into the role (which I had been kind of in since before our busy season) and have been busy at work ever since. Hence the reason I haven’t checked in. When I got back from my short visit home, I was out at a client and then the week after that I was at another client in NY. So I was go go go for two weeks straight and I expected work to still be busy, but a little less hectic this past week. Well our week in NY brought some surprises and I was crazy busy this past week and on Tuesday I’ll be headed back to NY for two days.

The reason I’m not headed to NY today with the rest of my team is I am moving!!! Staying in Baltimore, in the same zip code, in the same neighborhood, just moving down the street to an apartment complex vs a row home! I am extremely excited, but today is going to be extremely stressful. We spent all weekend packing in between naps, a run, trips to target, and cleaning. Our new home will be a big transition as we move from a home to an apartment complex, but there are so many pluses to look forward to.

I’ve also been running, can you call it running when it’s once a week? Ahh oh well. One of my coworkers and I signed up for the Charles Street 12 over Labor Day weekend. I was trying to run a couple of days a week, but when I get to work at 7am and leave at 7pm (or later) I have no motivation to get up any earlier. It’s going okay, but nothing to write home about. Two Fridays ago I took an earlier train home from NY so I could participate in the race Sneaks Come Out At Night. Our company register for 25 people to participate and one of the managers at work asked me to be on her team. There were three of us and we each ran a 5k. It was a lot of fun and I would definitely consider doing it again next year. Plus it was for a good cause, Back On My Feet is an amazing organization and I love what it does.

Well this post was literally all over the place, my apologies. I wanted to get in a quick post with what I’ve been up to, but don’t have any pictures. I’ll try to check back in at the end of the week on my move and my quick trip to NYC (we are trying to plan something fun for Tuesday night), but am making no promises.

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