Another Monday

Hi all! It’s Monday again, I feel like they keep coming quicker and quicker. I am okay with it being Monday though because it two days I’ll hop on a plane and be back in NH for a long weekend! I am excited to be home although I wish the circumstances for the trip were different. I arrive early Wednesday morning and already know I have a packed day ahead of me. I am most excited to see the newest addition to our family, a kitten named Piper!! I was never a cat person until Bella came to live with Sara and I and now I am mostly a cat person.

Lets back up quick and I’ll catch you up on my life. Last week I arrived home from Colorado with a cold. I never get sick so I figured it would pass that first day, but it didn’t. I had a dentist appointment Wednesday and after that I headed to the store to pick up some Dayquil/Nyquil. Even though I took the Nyquil that night I still slept awful and felt even worse when I woke up in the morning. Waiting for the bus was miserable and I thought I would pass out from having hot flashes (TMI? I don’t care). I thought about working from home, but there is just something about saying you are sick after being on a week long vacation. So I stuck it out at work, but made a trip to CVS to buy the Nyquil syrup to take instead of the pills. I don’t know if it was just the placebo affect, but I passed out Thursday night and felt 100 times better Friday morning. I am still feeling a little sick, but almost all of my symptoms are gone, which is good I didn’t want to get back on a plane on Wednesday feeling so sick.

I spent Friday night trying to really kick the cold and then woke up Saturday to clean the house. Saturday night I went to dinner with Meredith, obviously to get sushi because we don’t eat anything else 😉 I went to bed early Saturday and woke up Sunday craving a Dunks iced coffee. It was so needed and I spent the rest of my morning finishing cleaning the house as we were expecting our landlord to come by with a realtor. I spent the rest of Sunday just hanging out around the house relaxing.


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