That vacation was so needed. It’s been extremely busy at work and I reallllly needed that week long vacation. I hadn’t seen Lacey since Christmas and before that I hadn’t seen her since the Christmas before. It was not okay and I knew I needed to change it. In January I asked Lacey when she thought it would be the best time to visit (obvi it would be winter, but I can’t do that with my job) and she said around the 4th of July would be good since she would have a day off. I was sold, I booked a ticket and counted down the days until it was time to board the plane.

Photo Jul 01, 8 36 24 AM

I had originally bought non-stop ticket that left Baltimore at 9:50am and arrived in Denver around 11:30, but after really thinking about it I decided that was unrealistic and I wouldn’t want to sit in the airport for five hours waiting for Lacey to get out of work. So after contemplating my options, I switched my flight to a one stop flight, but I wouldn’t need to change planes. I thought it would be perfect and I’d arrive in Denver around 3:25pm, so I would only have to wait about an hour and a half or so. I could definitely entertain myself for that long. Well I didn’t end up so lucky and as we were flying into Houston there was some bad weather. They had the plane circle in from another direction, but by the time we started to do that the pilots realized we needed gas and we would need to go to Dallas. So we flew into Dallas, was sitting on the tarmac for about an hour while the gassed up the plane before we would need to head back to Houston. We arrived in Houston around 4pm their time, I quickly texted Lacey to fill her in and let her know she didn’t need to leave work early. By the time we left Houston it was after 5pm and we had about a 2 hour flight to Denver. We finally landed in Denver around 7pm Denver time, which means I was on a plane from 10:45am to 9pm Baltimore time. It was a long time to say the least.

Photo Jul 01, 9 43 39 AM

After I got off the plane I called Lacey as I struggled to find my way out of the airport, Denver airport is a lot bigger than BWI. I finally made it to the outside and found Lacey. As I was getting in her car, I kept complimenting her on it since it’s new and it’s the first time I’ve seen it. All of a sudden someone pops up from the backseat and basically mimics me. At first I thought it was Lacey and I thought that it was weird that she was coming into the car from the backseat behind me and then I realized it was Buffy! Lacey had picked up Buffy on her way to the airport and the three of us made the journey back to Breck together. It was so great to see Buffy and I really enjoyed catching up with all of them. Buffy completely freaked me out that I would be getting sick from the altitude and when we stopped to get gas she went in to get me a water. I will say though, I stayed hydrated for the majority of the weekend because of her. We got back to Lacey’s around 9pm and hung out for a little bit before both passing out.

Photo Jul 02, 12 21 47 PM


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