Hi from Colorado!! I’m currently in CO visiting one of my best friends since kindergarten! But more on this next week, for now I’m here to tell you about our trip to DC last weekend! We decided to take the commuter train from Baltimore to DC which was probably the best decision. It cost us $16 round trip and we could leave and come back whenever we felt like it. We got to the train station right around 9am for the 9:15am train, grabs some dunks and headed to the train. We were in DC a little after 10am for our day long adventure. We really had no idea where we were going when we got to DC and just kind of wandered around until we got our bearings. We probably should have picked up a map somewhere, but oh well. We ended up starting at the Capital, the Supreme Court, the Library of Congress and a couple of other buildings over there. Of course when we saw the statues in the water we needed to recreate them. We are mature I swear.

Photo Jun 28, 10 39 14 AMPhoto Jun 28, 10 45 17 AMPhoto Jun 28, 10 46 54 AMPhoto Jun 28, 10 47 33 AM

After visiting that area we headed to the Botanical Gardens, and then some museums before heading to the National Mall. By the time we made it to the mall we were starving so we stopped for some hot dogs, chicken wings, and a pretzel. It was perfect and just what I needed at the time. After eating we headed to the Air and Space Museum which is probably my favorite museum. It is just kind of amazing what has happened in the air and space. After the Air and Space Museum we headed to the Washington Monument because Jess wanted to save the National History Museum for after lunch (spoiler alert: we never made it back to the National History Museum). We wondered around the Washington Monument and then headed towards the White House. We got to the White House right in time to take a few pictures before the Secret Service/Police shooed everyone away.

Photo Jun 28, 10 57 42 AMPhoto Jun 28, 11 24 38 AMPhoto Jun 28, 12 27 06 PMPhoto Jun 28, 12 27 37 PMPhoto Jun 28, 12 35 52 PMPhoto Jun 28, 12 50 55 PMPhoto Jun 28, 1 01 30 PMPhoto Jun 28, 1 15 41 PMPhoto Jun 28, 1 16 15 PMPhoto Jun 28, 1 16 21 PM (1)

By the time we finished at the White House we were again hungry for a real lunch, unfortunately the police had closed off a ton of streets and our options were very limited. We ended up at a little restaurant near George Washington University. It was good, but not super delicious and our waitress was not the best. As soon as we finished we headed towards the Lincoln Memorial, stopping along the way at the Vietnam Memorial. We spent some time at the Lincoln Memorial taking pictures with Abe before we needed to go on our last adventure of the day.

Photo Jun 28, 2 53 05 PMPhoto Jun 28, 2 54 03 PMPhoto Jun 28, 2 57 03 PMPhoto Jun 28, 2 58 05 PMPhoto Jun 28, 2 58 20 PMPhoto Jun 28, 2 58 53 PMPhoto Jun 28, 3 52 54 PM

By this time we were all complaining about how we were feeling. It was a long day on our feet and we weren’t sure how much more we could do. We thought about taking a petty cab to Arlington Cemetery, but decided against it when they said it would cost $25. Instead we walked and walked and walked until we got there. We went and saw Kennedy’s grave as well as the unknown solider. We actually made it right in time for the changing of the guard so that was really cool to see. By the time all of that finished up we decided to take an Uber to the train station and hop on the soonest train. We arrived back in Baltimore around 6:30 and spent the rest of the night sitting on the couch drinking our beer from Saturday’s adventure. It was a short, but awesome trip with friends and I am so glad they could make it down. There is still so much more i wanted to show them of Baltimore, but it’s hard to do when its raining one day and a trip to DC the next. I guess that means they will have to come again!


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