Another hiatus

Eeeek sorry for the hiatus! I’ve been busy playing, working, and trying to catch up on sleep. One of the bigger clients I work on have a deadline coming up so it’s been crazy busy at work. The past two weeks have been 7:30am-9:30/10pm days and it’s quite draining. Life of an auditor I suppose! Two weeks ago my friend Meredith and I grabbed dinner after work on Friday and we tried a new to us restaurant, Barcocina. I had been wanting to try the restaurant for a while now so I am glad we ended up there. I enjoyed the meal, but had higher hopes, oh well! Of course we can’t be in Fells and not get Kilwins so that was our dessert stop of the night.

Photo Jun 19, 5 42 38 PM Photo Jun 19, 6 57 22 PM

I have a vacation coming up this week and last week some friends from home were visiting. They arrived late on Friday night, so late that I had to take a nap 😉 Lucky for them we found a parking space two blocks away from my house within five minutes. We immediately climbed in bed for our plans Saturday morning. We set our alarms for late morning and it felt so wonderful to sleep in. The only reason for the alarm was Sara and I had an appointment to see a new apartment (which we will be moving into)! I dragged Emma and Jess along and it was quite the adventure. I originally had plans to take them to a bottemless brunch, but by the time we got out of the apartment appointment it seemed too late before our next activity so we just got normal brunch. It was delicious and just what I was craving. After brunch we walked about to our house and filled out an application for our new place. Before we knew it, Jess, Emma, and I had to grab and Uber and head to Heavy Seas Brewery. When I found out they were coming I had NO idea what to do with them, add in the awful rain we got on Saturday and I was really unsure. Emma said she wanted to do while she was here and she suggested a brewery so I enlisted the help of the guys at work and was pointed in the direction of Heavy Seas. We signed up for a 2pm tour and arrived just in time. It was really busy at the brewery when we arrived, but it seemed to thin out while tours were going on. We attended the hourish long tour and learned a lot about how beer is made. With our tour we got five samples. We chose a table on the enclosed porch and started getting our samples. It was nice because I felt like I could try the different types of beer they had and really get a sense of what type of beer I like. I ended up loving the Gold beer and need to find it in a store ASAP. After we finished our samples and ordered a full beer we decided it was time to head home, but before heading home we had to get a Growler. We each got 64oz Growlers of different beer so if we wanted we could drink all the kinds. By the time we got home we were starving and we ordered pizza to drink with our Growlers. A perfect night to just relax at home and catch up. We ended up heading to a bar down the road from my house for a couple of houses to keep the beer drinking alive! We didn’t stay out too late as we had an early morning the next morning. A trip to DC! More on that in another post because this is already a novel!

Photo Jun 27, 2 55 01 PM (1) Photo Jun 27, 3 04 34 PM Photo Jun 27, 3 10 38 PM Photo Jun 27, 5 40 34 PM Photo Jun 27, 9 13 49 PM


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