Club W

Friday we decided to have a low key night at home. I mean it’s not that out of the ordinary, but it was nice to know after a long week we would just be chilling out on our couch. It was like Christmas at work and home for the past two days. I had a lot of packages coming and they all came yesterday and today! Sara and I ordered the 3-day Refresh through Beachbody and so we spent a significant amount of time reading all about it after we got home from work. Around 7ish we started to get hungry and I remembered I had pizza dough in the pantry we could make. Unfortunately the dough didn’t come out as nice as usual, but we ended up making pepperoni pizza. It was delicious as usual. To wash the pizza down we opened up one of our Club W wines – Full Sleeve.


When I picked the three wines for my Club W box I chose wines based on their label. Yeah I know “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” but the wine was actually really good. It is a red blend and was very smooth. Sara and I enjoyed the wine and if I saw it in stores I would probably pick it up again. The other two bottles i bought were also red blends. I guess I just have a thing for red blends. I am looking forward to breaking into those in the coming weeks. Club W is a monthly subscription box, but you can skip any month or cancel at any time. I’ve already decided to skip my next month because I know I won’t drink the other two bottles before it’s time to order the next box. I will however get another box in June/July and I am really looking forward to that! If you are an avid wine drinker you should give Club W a try!!


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