Marvelous Monday VII

It’s that time of the week again, the dreaded Monday. This Monday isn’t as terrible because I know on Friday I have the day off of work and will be headed to CT.

Marvelous is… Breaking Bad. It took me about a season and a half to really get into it, but now I can’t stop. I’m on season 4 and am a little sad I only have one and a half seasons left.

Marvelous is… being social. Friday after work we had a happy hour, when I got home Sara and I went out for an appetizer and some drinks at a couple of bars near our house.

Marvelous is… Tacos for dinner on Saturday. Sara’s birthday is next week and I won’t be around because of Easter. Sooooo I told her we were celebrating this past weekend. She request tacos for dinner so we had tacos and chips with guac. THE BEST!!

Marvelous is… the weather. It is so gorgeous out right now. I had to drop my car off at the mechanic and I walked home the long way because it was so nice out.

Marvelous is… four days of work until a mini vacation. It is needed.

Marvelous is… I finished the Divergent Series. It was good, I was expecting more. On to the next book.

Marvelous is… on Thursday we went out to dinner with Sara’s coworkers for one of their birthdays. We went to a Turkish restaurant and it was very interesting. I got a lamb kebab and fried shredded zucchini. The lamb was so good, but I could have done without the zucchini. It was a good time with good friends!




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