20 things to try in your 20s

As I was trolling twitter last weekend because when your home alone what else are you supposed to do, I stumbled upon this article. 20 Things Every Woman in her Twenties Should Do, I found it very interesting and had a fun time going over the things I have done and the things I probably will not do.

1. Date a ridiculously hot guy……….at least I’m still in my early twenties 😉

2. Go abroad. DONE! One of the best experiences of my life and I can’t wait to travel more.

3. Crop tops, not my thing. My stomach is the LAST thing I want to show the world.

4. Take lots of instagram pictures, yeah I think I have done that.

5. Pick a sport you’ve never played before. UH HELLO FLAG FOOTBALL.

6. Eat whatever. I think I’ve got that one down pat. I also don’t think it’s something that I started in my twenties or will stop after I leave this decade.

7. Drink green juice. Eh it’s not for me.

8. Spend time with your parents, see my post from last Wednesday about my future spring/summer plans. All to hang out with mama 🙂

9. Read Edith Wharton books, uhh who?

10. Keep a journal/sketchbook/scrapbook. A like to think this blog is a journal and #scrapbooksummer that was a thing.

11. Buy a nice black blazer. Business casual is my jam

12. Dance to Missy Elliot alone in your house. She’s not in my top ten, but I am certain I probably have done this.

13. Practice makeup less Sundays. I practice makeup less everydays, I’m really just lazy.

14. 5 minutes of asana breathing before bed. I would rather just go to sleep…

15. Change your hair drastically; I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I need to switch it up, my hair is just so damn thick and like I said up there in #14, I’m lazy.

16. Leave your phone at home for the day. I’ve done it, I need to do it more often.

17. Wear dark purple lipstick, refer to #13

18. Have an old school mixed drink with an egg in it. UM no. That sounds disgusting.

19. Bond with your siblings by getting drunk together and sharing messed-up family secrets. One more year until Elizabeth is 21, 5 years until Thomas is 21, and 6 years until Michael is 21. At least I’ll still be in my 20s for two of them. Wow that makes me feel old. Eeeeekk.

20. Go on a road trip with your best friends. This is definitely on my to do list. It has been for a while and I can’t wait to actually do it. One day hopefully.

Like I said some of the list I had done and some I will never (read: egg in a mixed drink). Obviously Cosmo added some funny explanations to their list so check it out.


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