Fun things on the horizon

I’ve officially booked all my planes tickets for spring and summer vacations. I am so excited for all my mini vacations, it really gives you something to look forward to! Here is my calendar of events for the next couple of months:

April: Easter weekend in CT and possibly a weekend in Williamsburg with my grandparents!

May: Memorial day weekend at home and the NEXT weekend at home. That is right two weekends in a row in NH. I am very excited about this one.

June: Not traveling anywhere but that doesn’t mean my roommate and I won’t explore MD a little bit. I’m also hoping for a weekend in NYC to see some friends so June might just be the month.

July: I am going to visit Mary in Boston and then spend the week at home with my family from Alaska! I am most excited about this trip. Plus it will be the end of July so hopefully the weather will be super gorgeous and a week at the lake with be perfect!

So it might not seem like a lot of plans, but to me (the worst social person ever) it is a lot! My roommate and I have some other plans of how we might get out and about this spring and summer. We have discussed a weekend trip to AC, and possibly a trip to see her parents in San Diego.


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