Wonderful Wednesday

Well I skipped out on Marvelous Monday for that awesome picture I found on Janae’s blog. It just spoke the truth.

Wonderful Wednesday is … HUMP DAY!

Wonderful Wednesday is … my friends coming to visit! Hilary and Anna are driving back to Massachusetts from Colorado and are taking a smallll detour to visit me in Baltimore. I am so excited to see them. I tried to get into work early so I could leave a little earlier to spend some time with them before my bed time occurs.

Wonderful Wednesday is … the countdown to Easter! I am super excited to see my family. I haven’t seen most since graduation which feels like a life time ago. I’m also really looking forward to those boxes of girl scout cookies waiting for me at my aunt and uncles 😉

Wonderful Wednesday is … I bought plane tickets for a trip home in July. I bought two one way tickets so I could visit Mary in Boston for the weekend before I take a bus home. I am so so so excited to go. I’ve been to Boston a bagillion times growing up, but it will just be different to be there visiting someone else. And then I’m extremely excited to see my family from Alaska once I make it to NH. A week at the lake is just what I need.

Wonderful Wednesday is … a cat. If you know me at all you know I am not a cat person. ergh or was a cat person… That’s right, we got a cat. My roommate’s parents moved/ are moving to California and they couldn’t bring the cat with them. SO we offered to take Bella in. This past weekend Sara went home for a bridal shower and brought Bella back with her. I am really excited to have a snuggly little cat in our house. I think all the time I spent with my aunt and uncles cat this summer turned me.

That’s all I got for you today! Have a lovelllllly rest of the week and I’ll be back on Friday.


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