Today is hump day. Yesterday for a split second I thought it was Thursday and when I remembered it was only Tuesday I wanted to punch myself. There is nothing worse than thinking you have less days in the week than you actually do. It’s halfway through the week (kind of). Last weekend they gave us Saturday off and I am crossing my fingers the same happens this week. I just love being able to be lazy at home and not do anything. Although when I have to work on Saturdays I tend to get more accomplished on Sundays. Maybe this weekend I can spend a lot of time reading. I finally finished Touch and Go by Lisa Gardner on Monday night. It ended like I thought it would, but I still thought it was a great book. I downloaded a ton of books on my Kindle a while ago so I am starting to get into those. First up on my list is the divergent series. I keep seeing the commercials and I would like to read at least the first book before I see the movie. Any book suggestions? Maybe this weekend will be the weekend I start studying for the CPA again, times a tickin’ and I know I need to pick it back up. Now I just need to decide what I want to start with. UGH. Oh well such is life, I guess this is what I signed up for.

ANYWAYS I know this is a lot of rambling so I will just let it be here. Hope everyone enjoys their Hump Day!


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