Marvelous Monday IV

It’s that time of the week again, Marvelous Monday. Well lets get right to it!

Marvelous is… getting my PTO time in for Easter, I am ready for a few days off! It will be so nice to see my family, I missed them at Thanksgiving to stay in Baltimore so I am more than ready to be reunited!!

Marvelous is… going to Hibachi with some friends on Saturday for dinner. I hadn’t been in forever and kind of forgot how much food you get. Totally worth the pricey menu. I was also chosen as the one who gets picked on during the meal. Usually that would really make me angry, but I just decided to embrace it and have a little fun.

Marvelous is… group texts with friends from high school. Seriously the best.

Marvelous is… a shopping trip to Khols. I had a gift card from Christmas that needed to be used. There is a Khols near Sara’s horse barn so today I joined her at the barn so we could go together after. I got a leather jacket which I have been wanting FOREVER as well as a birthday gift for my sister. So really it was a win win, I also got a 10$ off so I’ll be going back!

Marvelous is… a two hour nap on Sunday. After waking up at 7:30am Sunday morning (aka really 6:30am) I was needing a nap come 4pm.


Marvelous is… the weather getting a little warmer. I am sure it’s about to get cold again, but hey a weekend in the 50s is fine by me.

That’s about all I got for ya today, enjoy your Monday!


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