Marvelous Monday III

I’m back! Sorry for the week off, I usually take Sunday’s to write out my posts for the week, but last Sunday I was a struggle bus. I am lucky I got out of my bed to go to the bathroom. This marvelous Monday is going to span two weeks!

Marvelous is.. My birthday celebration! At work we get assigned buddies and my buddy is AWESOME! She threw me a birthday party with some work friends so my roommate and I attended that last Saturday night. It was fun to go out with different people. It was quite the interesting crowd and ended up being a really fun time.

2014-02-22 23.43.07  2014-02-22 23.43.39-2

Marvelous is… work slowing down. I will probably kick myself for saying this, but this past week at work was a lot slower than usual and we even got Saturday off! It was a nice treat. Which leads me to my next marvelous.

Marvelous is… Irish stroll. Yes St. Patricks day is in 15 days, but here in Baltimore it is an entire month long celebration. My roommate and I officially decided to attend the bar crawl in our neighbor hood Friday night. When I got home from work at 9pm we bought our tickets and started preparing ourselves for the next day. One of her friends from work came to our house and we all went together. There were a lot of people, but it was a good time. Sara’s friend had to leave to go to work and we decided to hit up the bar near our house. We decided we were hungry and made our last stop the Sip and Bite diner. While there some people from work texted and said they were coming to the neighborhood so we met up with them later at the same bar. It felt weird to be going back after we had left, but it had quieted down and was much more relaxed. I reallllly liked being able to walk back home instead of having to get in a cab.

-2 -1

Marvelous is… that buffalo chicken dip that I said I made a few weeks ago. It never got made, we ended up making it yesterday and it was worth the wait. IT IS SO GOOD!

Marvelous is.. Sushi Fridays at work (no meat on Fridays during lent) and then hitting up the bar that serves sushi down the road from our house yesterday for dinner. We have decided that the bar is our new place. SO close and very reasonably priced.

Marvelous is.. a great weekend with good people, props to being social!


One thought on “Marvelous Monday III

  1. I am SO HAPPY you are so happy!!!!! You look great!!!!! Losing weight from working too much??? I am jealous you have such a great bar right near by – reminds me of my Boston days…. enjoy (and be safe!) love Aunt Robin

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